The Regal Elegance of the Feminine Energy in Simplicity.

In the season of Cheers, Goodwill, Jonkunnu, Gran’Markets,  Presents, Puddings & Cakes, Loud-Noise and Merriments everywhere. Those of the Family who were ignored all year, may, perhaps, with luck and good wishes, will receive unexpected visitors with colourful delightful surprises!.

“Children, Children!” Yes Pupa!

“Where have you been too?” Grand-Pupa!

“What did he give you?” Bread and pears with secret tears.

“Where is my share?” Up in the air.

“Then, how can I reach it?” Climb on a broken chair.

“What! Suppose I fall?” We don’t care!

“Who teach you that manners.” The Dog!

“Who is the dog?” You!

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Quick, run!

The Perpetual enemies, Cats and Dogs Can live together, what’s wrong with 

You and I, my sisters and brothers? Together again, New Times, New Feelings.

Oh Happy Days! What a Glorious New Year. Joyful 2022 is Here! Abridged – Danijah Tafari