What are – HUMAN BEINGS?

From a sperm fertilising an egg, development in a watery womb, to birth into this material world. A place where you grow up, mature, grow old and leave through death. This general scenario is what all human beings have in common with each other, regardless of who, where or when.

What then is the full composite or essence of a human being, our true purpose and role in life? Is it possible to find satisfactory answers for that question, one that we can all agree on? Or at best, do we continue living a habitual life in a clueless mist?

From the very beginning of humanity, power elites organised human living, and have now designed worlds within worlds they can no longer control at will. Neither do they fully understand the rapidly changing dynamics within these worlds. In constant turmoil and crisis, beliefs are replacing knowing, the lines between real and fake are blurred to the extent of not knowing the difference one or the other. Governance are entirely dependant on artificial intelligence. And in general, like blinkered sheep, we are all following without questions or objections.

We are all, in a certain extent victims of this mad crazy world we are living in. As soon as we accept this fact, maybe we can begin to find solutions. Even if the answers are only for the benefit of the individual, allowing you to personally generate a better quality of living. At the same time gaining a better understanding of what it means to be a human being.

The nearly seven billion of us on the planet, are all members of the fragile human family. In the new state and circumstances of chaos and confusion, without any real real trusted leadership anywhere, we are all searching for answers that makes sense.

What really is going on in the new world remain unclear, what to do. The most secure place we can look for answers right now, is within yourself. Trust what you find there, act on it with honesty and clear thinking. Find what is best for you and your loved ones. Who else will have your best interest at heart?

There is a common phrase relating to success through knowing yourself. But before an individual can begin to know self, the self in within a human form. What is a human being with all its complexities, mind, body, spirit, soul, mental, emotional, psyche, psychological etc. Where do I begin to fully understand who I am really and truly, with enough confidence of being me to face the onslaught of the present world. DRC – Deep Routes Collective.