The residents of Wednesfield Town, are hard working, family-oriented people. They may not be wealthy, but are rich in many other ways. My request was accepted about writing something about this place. I am an easy-going person, without too many demands, so what I have to say is my personal opinions.

I made several visits to Wolverhampton, before I became a resident of Wednesfield. I was treated well and supported, by the small group of people who became my friends. That was a few years ago, I am no longer there, but I have good memories of the time. Whenever I get the chance to contribute to the word page on ACAP Platform, I try my best to do something interesting. 

The Black country is a very unusual place, in the past, men leave home for work in the mornings, pristine clean. They return at night, dirty looking and Black. The West Midlands was the centre of heavy industries and coal mining, becoming the biggest wealth generator for the British Empire. 

The canal waterways from the Black Country, were the veins and life blood of Empire’s global reach to colonial territories, and markets around the world. The trail along the Wryley & Essington canal, is now used for a variety of leisure activities. The Black Country Museum, is well worth a visit! If only digitally, for now.

Heavy Burdens of iron & Steel


There is a need to Fix–Up, Step-Up, and secure yourself in life. Young world, the Future is Yours, be brave, reach deep within and touch your soul. Do not wait for the Rod of Correction, nor the Staff of Life. It is sweet in the mouth, but bitter to the belly, like wormwood. If only I knew, are words full of regrets.

Do not fight against the good ambitions, try, and try again, harder next time. Finally, you will achieve your goals. Lacking the ambitious drive, saying, I cannot survive.

Slackers and idlers, usually, eventually, crash and burn. They will never learn, or capable to earn. Mr. & Mrs co-dependency.  Ignite, engage, your brains, before you put your body in gear, baby! Vroom, Vroom!

Glowing Beauty

True maturity is responsibility for self.. Independent means, you are not depending on the kindness of others, especially for your well-being. Look after yourself carefully, and girls respect your body, if you want others to respect you. 

Do some good for yourself today, and in someway, do a little to others also.  Remember, give to get, get to give, is the best way to live. Simplicity divided, here come complexity, rushing in with confusions. Keep it real, keep it simple. Oh yea! Smile pretty dimples.

Regardless, of what they say, the old powerbrokers have had their day. The world is yours, no longer for someone at my stage or age. I am getting ready for my grave. Young-World, the future is yours for the taking. Get certified, get qualified, open the doors in confidence, step-in & step-up!

Learn and retrieve the skills, display, achieve, and multiply your God given talents. Aim high, and demand from yourself, the quality of life that you deserve, for your efforts and beneficial contributions. Live life, and live it well. I will not forget the girl, Smile Pretty Dimples! You turn my Night into Daylight. Peace & Love.

GrandFather Simple.🌞🌺🌻