The title Wednesfield Riviera may seem to be taking things far into wishful thinking. yet, in the modern era, the Wryley & Essington Canal has come into its own, and is now a great feature for many homes in Wednesfield, with a garden backing into the canal.

Apart from the luxury of the canal, residents are renovating, extending and upgrading their homes. Especially those constructed in the 1950s, including those built during the victorian period. We are now in the era of levelling-up, upscaling to the best of their abilities, beyond class and income.

After the Second World War, Wednesfield began to build its own estate to house its residents. Nearly all the farming fields had disappeared, and the the town had changed from its agricultural aspect, to industry in the South, and Suburbia in the North.

The Aesthetic Movement in the UK, originated in the 1860s with a radical group of artists, designers, and artisans in applied art. Oscar Wilde gave a lecture at the Wolverhampton Free library, on the subject of the ‘House beautiful’.

Theodore Mander and his wife were in attendance during Oscar Wilde lecture on the 10th March 1884. As they listened, making notes on art, furniture, architecture, music, literature, colours, textures and materials. The Mander family’s influence is visible throughout Wednesfield and Wolverhampton. In 1894, Mander brothers established a varnish works in Well Lane, initially employing 50 people. They were followed by other businesses, because the area was well served by the canal. ACAP Team.