Death Over Life – Life Over Death, which is Greater?

Created from mud and clay, Jah blew his breath of energy into the body of flesh, and the human became a living soul. Out of the deep blue-black nothingness, death appeared claiming all souls through the rights of conquest. Following that lead, nations continue to conqueror nations. 

Jah endowed humanity with free-will. The wicked evils in diabolical crews take human beings’ captive, secured with chains in systems of power and control. The rebellious behind bars, if they did not obey, they would not live to see another day. For down and outs in the ghettos of the world, survival in the only motto. Poverty is the destruction of their soul.

Jah gift life to human beings, and the entity holding the power of death, obsessively desire to take it all away. And that war is continuing from then to the present moment in life arena. What is right, who is wrong, what is good, who is evil? Who knows! Only the Almighty Creator God knows. My God, is the God of the living and not of the dead!

The current wars are on many levels in a variety of fields, mental, intellectual, social, gender, germ, biological, attrition, but the psychological war in the psyche – mind and personal energy and spirit is the most devastating. Invisible and rarely known, in vicious attacks you are frozen in fear. De’energised, you lose all hope, will-power, give up on life waiting to die. In the mean-time suspicion, superstitions, paranoia, hallucinations, phantasms, disassociation from reality rules as the norm. Hiding in the shadows of good and viewing the tragedy, in delight warmongers laugh, cheer and celebrate. 

Daily Wars

Antisocial people, bigoted, everyday arguing and fighting, using penetrating painful words in verbal abuse direct to the heart, mind and soul. With low thoughts, loose morals and evil intentions, every liar is a thief, every robber is a potential murderer. Every wicked is a demon, a foot-soldier in the devils’ workshop, hunting and delivering souls to the grim reaper.

Where is the feminine gender with feeling and caring energies in the killing fields? If war is truly in the mind of super-egoistic men from Mars high on testosterone. Then, into the mind of those men must she go to secure the peace. There can be no peace nor love, without equal rights and justice.

The twentieth century was the time of the greatest events, warmongers boasts. Two world wars, countless civil wars, over three hundred million dead from violent confrontations alone. They gladly await the ultimate death – total annihilation of the planet earth, through nuclear, atomic means or by any other ecological meltdown. Berhane Tinisae