New Beginning

High Life & Low Life

Virtues are attitudes, behaviour, character traits that enable individuals to develop their best potential. It is pursuing ideals that bring out the best in the person.

Honesty, Compassion, Courage, Generosity, Integrity, Fidelity, Fairness, Self-Control, and Prudence are all good examples of virtues.

A person can improve character by practicing self-discipline. In unfamiliar ways, good character can be corrupted by repeated over self-indulgence.

Virtues are developed through practice, patience and learning. Moral principles are not just about following rules and regulations. People argue, that too much emphasis on how to act, and what we must do, neglect the important issue of “what kind of person should I be?”

Now 2024

Living Life

The Character and Personality traits the community encourages and promotes, including the models that are utilised through the creative arts, the media, and online.

Do affect a person’s character traits, which are not developed in isolation, but within the community to which they belong, including family networks.

Virtue Ethics – such as development of excellence, dedication to the common good, striving towards the evolution of our humanity. Achieved through thoughtful reflections, on what a human being have the potential to become.

Ethics are the practices of moral principles, or natural universal rules, that informs us of what to do that is best, in all situations that confronts us in daily life.

Maintaining a balance of fairness, on all levels of our interactions. practicing goodness, and the right attitudes, for the common good. Ultimately, seeking wisdom is the the best way to be.

The Judgement

Virtues & Vice

“Virtues Comforts the Heart, and the contents of Purity in the Soul.”

“Vice and Sins cause doubts, disturbs the Heart, and darkens the Bright Soul.”

The corruption of virtues, are considered to be sins and vices, prone to the rules of correction, punishment, with the possibility of rehabilitation.

Ethics and moralities are required in all areas of life. Especially, in professional practice, doctors, lawyers, people in business, social politics and institutions.

Programs devoted to ethics and moral principles, are in place to protect and secure our social living conditions. Virtues are practiced, to maintain the life of our inner being.

We become obligated, to do whatever will achieve the common good, for the greatest number of people. An obligation to act in ways that respect human dignity, and the individual moral rights of all person. In the twenty first century, there are no secrets, you know what you have done. Balance the levels on the scale of Justice – Judge yourself! The Ethicist.