Morning GloryEvening Melodies

The Sun rise in the Far East and go down in the Western Hemisphere.

How many times have you wondered to yourself, what is the purpose and reason for my life, this living?

From the womb – titled birth, and into the tomb – named death. The question remains, with unsatisfied answers.

Here is a major clue, ‘life is what you make it.’ What comes after – who knows? Some people say God knows!

The central energy force, driving the evolving world into positive consciousness, is a thing called love. Motivating the will, it gives us the right purpose to continue living. 

Blessings From Above

This love comes from above, it comes from God. Then this God is love. Now you know who and what is God.

Can you be Love? Can you be with God?

Love the one’s you are with now, much more than the right ones, you hope to find later.

Do not search for love, which can never be found. Embrace love, become love, and wherever you are, will be surrounded by love.

Hard work at the beginning, but very simple, when you endure and continue, until it’s all over, in our given time.  

Living For The City

Time is also another lord and master of our destiny. We enter world and leave in a very short time.

Especially when we contrast and compare ourselves to the sun, moon, stars, ocean, and tress.

The time we have, is what we are given as human beings, make the best of it, while we have it. We rarely know how, and when it will end. 

Nature is also a Master and Mistress of our Universe. Not science and technology, whose main task, it seems, is to harness its power, and ultimately, utilise it for destructive purposes only. Its aftermath and aftereffects, prove this viewpoint is more than correct, it is accurate and precise.

Body Basics In Motion

Excellent acoustic music played well, is the food of love. It excites and stimulates every single cell of the human brain, in which there are billions.

The frequencies of music have an effect in every area, and function of the human brain. Even when we are not consciously aware that this is happening.

Mind Now! Our mind is within the limitless space in the internal infinite heavens. The place where the gods love to be, when in contact with humans.

Non-material, without substance, and located somewhere in the body. The mind functions as a process closely with the senses, in relation to head, brain, heart, and soul. 

You Are Never Alone

Everything begins right there, in the mind. Get to know your unique mind, take charge of it, and become the master of your own mind, with the best of intentions. Not to mention, always with love. Mind Now!

We are a reproduction from two people, and the two became one, in you. Half plus half, equals one.

We are also a community, as a species of the same kind, we are all humans. With exactly the same basic needs. In the real picture, tribe, race, colour, background, and all other social and cultural factors has very little to do with it. Give a good reason why it should? In our present times, situations, and circumstances of our global realities. Lady G.