The First & Last of The Lion Kings

After two thousand years battling, the war without mercy ended triumphantly in the closing decade of the twentieth century, through the death and burial of Apartheid. Locally known as ‘set apart and hide.’ In the final onslaught of attrition led by His Excellency General Madiba, the feared and deadly armies of militias surrendered without conditions, and returned everything that were stolen, viciously robbed and deceptively taken away.

In the East of the huge continent, the high towers of the King of Kings remained unconquered from the beginning to the very end, raised banners and saluted the Great General in the South. “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty we are Free.”

Generational in the projections for the future, in the global village we lagged far behind in new technology, but were light years ahead in the creative arts, music and natural social cultures. Tricked and exploited at every game in the killing fields, the rules were always unfamiliar or unknown. We found the hidden exit and embarked on the reverse journey of no return, in soul and mind. 

Our King and Emperor in partnership with our Great Queen Mother and Empress, personally charted the new course, set the living examples and practical benchmarks towards the higher moral ground. I could have been one the most notorious, but thanks to their love and blessings, my release was glorious.  

Way beyond the hills and valleys as if from nowhere, with joyful tears in their eyes and rolling down their cheeks. Thousands and tens of thousands, all princes and princesses appeared in every region across the vast continent. Able creators and architects designing, constructing, making the visions of the new nation, real!

The young energetic teams motivated with surety and confidence, began hard working remotely and supported by technologies functioning at the speed of light. Building pro-active foundations, structures and products never seen before, or imagined possible in such a short period of time.

Without caution or hesitation, the great uprisings that followed were so swift, almost silent and devastating, it appeared invisible to the naked eye. The mammoth events of rebirth remained partially unknown to the global newsmakers and their syndicated co-transmitters, distracted by the pandemic viral crisis.

In huge numbers, the voices and songs of the people creating the new civilisation, generated sounds of distant thunder in the inner ear of thoughts and ideas. In youthful joys they declared; victory was achieved through the tireless works and secured with dramatic efforts of our fore-fathers and mothers, during the decades of the twentieth century. All our vast lands reclaimed, in the twenty first century the future is in our hands. All hail the Lion King of Kings.  “The first shall be the last, and the last shall be the first.” Danijah Tafari.