The energetic and psychic search for truths.

If the popular phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword” is true, then to all who considers life to be a form of prison, speak truth and truths will set you free. “What I am about to write, and you will read, is the truth and nothing else but truth. So, help me GOD!

In order to reveal the lies, truths must be spoken to be known. Be careful when you speak your truths, without offence speak up with love in the heart, thoughts, manners and use of words. Truth hurts, many people are easily offended, and the consequences of their reactions to your truths, can be overwhelmingly acidic and toxic.

Hear and say is never know and say, hear say is no say, in the search for truth. What about dumb and blind, can their truth be believed? Only eye-witness evidence can speak truth on this matter. Eyes can also play tricks on the sense faculties to see and know. Many illusionists will confess; “hands are faster than eyes.”

Truth is an offence to lies, the responding vicious attacks can go to the levels of bitter relentless endless repetitive revenge. If you must speak your truths, nothing but the truth to be known by all. Be prepared to defend it at all costs, if it is to stand when tested.

Confession is good for the soul, so I am told. First confess to yourself and no one else. Sit down and write yourself a letter. Leave it to simmer for a period of time, just in case you change your mind. Memories fade fast, facts get blurred into fiction, and becomes faction or retractions. Words lacking right actions of events, the reactions are frictions, preventing truth clarity in the muddy polluted ponds.

If in doubt, clear out and stay out of the search for truth. Your truths not solid is not valid.Filled with many holes not air and watertight letting too much in, allowing con’jectures to fly in. Still in the dark, when truth is known it is a light, that cannot be denied in heart, mind and soul. Even in spite of what tongues may utter. Danijah Tafari.