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The words from the creator, Almighty God, of whom I am an eternal student. Deals with every aspect and experiences in human life. From the beginning, it was through the word that we came into being. The spoken word was God.

In time, the spoken word took unto itself flesh, and became a living being. Residing among other created living beings, similar in likeness to itself. Eventually, as males and females in families, groups, and communities.

The words of the Almighty God, remain the essence and cohesive glue of togetherness. It gives advice, help, instructions, warning, comfort, hope, correction, direction, predictions, and promises. The words of the creator, offers solutions in time of need. 

Infinite & Finite Mortal & Immortal

The word is there as guidance and protection, throughout life’s problems. With hope for a better future. The word of God offers peace of mind, assurance, support of faith in the promise of eternal life. Maintain your relationship, with the indwelling spirit of the Almighty God.

In the current times, In the relationship with all humanity, the word reveals the divine personality and character of the Almighty, in the volume of a book. Giving truthful accounts of the Creator’s actions and reasons, when relating with individuals and nations.

Words from the Mighty God are relevant, and full of meanings for the contemporary world. Unprecedented in its current complexities, chaotic, confusing situations, and circumstances. The words address and speak to every single person. From the simple to the most sophisticated in their high towers, with clear easy understanding.

Love & Affection Hate Lust & Jealousy

The words in the book, has the power to inform, reform, and transform lives. Billions of people have been given new leases of life, strength, unstoppable purpose, blessings, and sure hope in life. 

The word is divine in origin, infallible in authority, inexhaustible in meaning, universal in relevance, unique in revelation, personal in application, and powerful in effect.

Read it slowly, frequently, with an open mind. Allow the spirit of the Highest God, to enter your world. 

 It will not work; you cannot serve God and money. Choose one. Read Psalm 82, accurately and carefully.

Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and your neighbour as you love yourself. Love you! Chi Chi