Science & Technology, the domineering factors on the planet, perceiving itself to be like the Mighty God! Having gripped the power of death, is able to destroy and annihilate totally, the beautiful sealed Dome we call Home.

Imitating and challenging nature’s life energies, both struggle with deep thoughts and clever ideas of creating anew, in the likeness and image of its own making.

Fortunately, for us and unfortunately for them, the rulers and masters of Science, are still unable to generate life without the womb of a woman.

However, the technicians in advanced laboratories of experimentations, through genetic alterations are now able to design the type and nature of human life. In addition to the foundations already established, that determine how societies and communities live and interact.


What is life? The proverbial question without any satisfying solid answers. To simplify, life is what you make it to be. The life you have is yours, but the situation and circumstances in which you were born into, will always be out of our control, from the very beginning of time, through all eras and epochs to the very present, it remain so.

Regardless, what you do with the life you have, with time, can be determined only through you. With a just cause supported by a motivated will, you may leave the footprints and evidence of your life in the present times, as they fade in the past, becoming historical factors of long lasting truths.

We have no specialist medical teams who are able to venture, probing deeply into the minds of men wielding political power. They are in charge of managing the social contracts, welfare and life of seven billion people residing on the planet Earth. Today, we are all witnessing the betrayal and broken contracts. Into space they go, on relentless drive seeking new frontiers to conquer, dominate and champion on behalf of? Whilst the planet that sustains our life remain in deep crisis.

It seems to be so easy to forget, but similar to everyone, all the powerful elites directing the life of the people in this world, was also in the watery paradise. Connected by an umbilical cord and dependant on a mother’s love, before they exit and entered this temporary world of physical substance. Destined to grow, mature and decay, caught-up in the recurring cycles of nature, the true sustainer of all life, including your own.

Science & Technology intervenes, with the hope and promise of finding immortality. It is a dream, one that the fragile material body of human beings will never realise or experience. The protracted reference points of science and technology, is to extend and prolong life by any means necessary, and the human suffering continues in the push to alter the essence of what we are naturally.

Organised religions with its hierarchical structure and rigid controlling systems enter the arena, offering its own alternatives to alleviate tormented minds in fear of the inevitable. There are no end to the range of imaginings, all relating to the unknown end of human life and possible after effects. In the here and now, as far as I know there is only one life to live. Live it well in the present moment. The past are fading memories, and the future is promised to no one. The Modern Griot.