From Beast of Burden to Human Beings.

Reducing nations to the lowest form of existence, in the manner of perpetual servants, the colonial regimes began with the mind of individuals at all levels of the communities and societies.

The strongest in body and mind – both males and females – were removed thousands of miles beyond their know borders, across oceans to a space and place of no return.

Raped and stripped of genetic memories, collective consciousness, identity, name, cultural continuity, religion and social living. Groups of individual lived shackled in chains, working from sun up to sun down.

For centuries, the people in tens of millions remained similar as empty vessels, to be filled with whatever the Overseers and Colonial Masters deemed necessary to create stability, and permanence in the working stock.

Mind erased, living a short life-span and the past totally irrelevant. There was no future beyond the present conditioning of imprisonment, terror, torture, dehumanisation, work, more work and finally death, rotten and forgotten. The small numbers that rebelled and escaped, disappeared into the unknown wilderness. The nations, removed to the place of no return, had no memory of their original place. And the people who remained contained no memory of them, in mind, body or spirit.

In order to justify their barbarism and inhumane behaviour, the regimes of colonialist use propaganda and the pseudo science of genetics. Through published literature and a variety of mobile promotions, they explained that all people of African descent were sub-human of a lower species, and were closer to animals than human beings. They did not evolve mentally and intellectually, in the same manner as the superior race, to which they belong.

At that time, the comparing and contrasting worked. The world looking at African poverty believed the propaganda, and practiced this belief as truth and facts to the present moment of time. Racism appealing to the ego and sense of worth, remain a stain and blemish in the minds of human beings, both ways. A spot that resist removal and every form of external persuasion, even laws and legislations did not achieve the projected goals. Racism will only be erased through private and personal will, in a supreme effort on the behalf of oneself in order to remove that poison, so deeply embedded in the mindset.

Psychological Warfare & Mental Slavery

Now Africans, framed in new identities relating to politics, nationalities, media projections, lifestyles choices and surnamed with the titles of their old colonial masters. Hampered through the relics and baggages of the past, they question, who am I, where am I, where do I belong, where do I stand? I am a product of the past, but there are no way back to repair the damage and the breach. All links and connections to my true ancestral roots are severed and cut. The question is “who told you so?” Is that your mind speaking to you, or echoes and reverberations of subtle subliminal messages. How did you arrive on the spot where you stand, and why? Can that be corrected?

Evidence of your true being is tied up in your Genes, DNA, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and your Humanity. Your personal realities are in your mindset, ambitions, perceptions, perspectives and the life choices you make.

Find your true balance, physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and start your journey to self-realisation, naturally. Find routes to connect with your collective unconscious, and from your personal consciousness seek out solidarity with your own.

The new world is a melting pot of people inhabiting the planet, there are no exclusive zones for one race or type of people. Opportunities are there for anyone to access all zones and areas of life.

Barack Obama entered the White House, with his family in tow. Just two decades ago, they all agreed and exclaimed it was impossible to achieve! Depending and who makes the regulations and rules of engagement, some areas and zones are not without severe consequences. Where your loyalties are located, is totally dependant on your own life choices. choose well, as there might not be a way back from whence you came. The African Postman.