The Feminine Energies

As human beings, we are all living in a fragile temporal physical body, located within a vast cosmos of complex networks, frequencies and vibrations.

Our spiritual body, the soul is within, invisible, conscious, immortal, and is the link and connections to the eternal ever living source and divine master of the universe; the Almighty Father of creation.

Whenever we use the word spiritual, we are describing the invisible networks of conscious energies, circuits and lines, that connects us to nature, each other and to the the Almighty God. The one and true Father of us all.

It would be a beautiful and harmonious life, if the original creation remained intact as designed. War in the highest heavens occurred, generating a fall from grace and purity.

From then, in a spiritual sense, located below ground level in the deepest darkness of blackness, Hell is a fallen heaven. The spiritual domain of one third of the heavenly host that rebelled against the Divine Almighty word, and living orders given by the creator of heaven and earth.

A Soul being led into Hell

Never a threat to the heavenly host, the fallen outcasts and myriads of psychic degenerates, from the very beginning of human creation, desired and lusted for dominion over the life prepared for humanity.

Non-physical invisible immortal beings, that may become visible according to our sensibilities and awareness. They have retained power over all elements, substances and life forms in the spheres of planet Earth. From a counter spiritual kingdom called Hell.

The spirit and energy of hell in human beings, appeals to a form of corrupt self-love, hatreds of all types and varieties. Within self-centred and vanity driven ambitions from our un-natural thoughts and warped mentality.

The vast numbers of contrived illusions in the world, maintained by the leagues of demons, devils and jinns, struggles to keep us chained and locked inside their hellish domain. The graphic images of hell, are symbolic representations of the spiritual conditions in the human soul.

Deviated from the way of goodness and right living. Individuals enters hell when they are separated and cut-off from the Almighty Creator life giving force and energies. They begin living a life of daily misery, torment, frustrations, unhappiness, despair, extreme loss, in chaos and confusion without any hope or redemption.

Through our negative thoughts and actions, every individual human being, become an open door to let heaven or hell out, into the world to participate in our daily living. The metaphorical abode of demonic creatures and devils of all forms, hell is a spiritual place of happiness, for souls that take delights and pleasures in evils and wickedness. Berhane Tensae.