In our on-going evolution as a human family, and natural species on the planet, we have arrived at the state of a one world culture. Our activities are now without barriers or boundaries. Cutting across geo-political divides and ideologies, everyone has a voice reaching out to potential global audiences.

Deeply immersed in national and other identities, many people in the world seems to be unprepared and are finding it difficult to accept the new realities. With so much resistance to change, they are stuck in the ways of the old, out-of-date eras. 

Nothing or no one can stop the times, as it moves into the future. Our future begins now! It is all a natural progression to a more elevated civilised existence, heightened awareness, with a consciousness towards a higher level of being, living and co-operation.

Mind Now


Philosophy and religions speak of the ‘End Time.’ The finality of an era, or the period when the mortal body dies and you are transformed into an immortal soul, and a new life begins. Reads like a fairy tale, a story, a mystery. This process of change and renewal, remain a complex event, without much practical information, logical application, or explained method.  

At a particular stage of life, especially the chaos, confusion, and world crisis we are all in presently. Many are seeking answers about the fundamentals of life. ACAP recommends the book ‘Urantia’ as a must read for anyone and everyone with burning questions about the meaning of life and reasons for human-living.

Published in 1955, the contents of the book illuminate’s science, cosmology, philosophy, religion, history, and spirituality. It reveals the inner essence of the planet we live on, also offering in-depth accounts about the life of Jesus the Christ.

The authors of the text are angelic beings, celestial revelatory. It is a new philosophy of great value to humanity in this, the new times. In this new age of cosmic truth, universal beauty, and the overflowing of divine goodness. Prophesied as the era of Aquarius, “peace on earth and goodwill among all.”

 The book is jam-packed with new knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, relating to all things, it will be able to answer all your questions and remove all shadow of doubts from your mind. The life events of every single being on the planet is recorded and archived in unknown realms. The spiritually conscious will find much to satisfy the soul.

New Harmony

Although, some people say the contents are an intellectual pathway, into a personal relationship with the Creator-God. It should not be compared to a book of religious teachings. The new truths revealed is destined to uplift and advance humanity for this new millennium – one thousand years. Read the book ‘Urantia’ for free online:


To begin any type of understanding of the concepts within the pages of this book, you must try entering with a clear mind. To grasp the new, for a moment, disregard all previous belief system, and preconceived ideas. Then consider and take it from there. Much may be gained to your benefit. Good Reading! Nu-Active.