Map of the New African Continent & Civilisation.

Without any forms of moral, spiritual and cultural references, ‘Black’ as a political identity is extreme negation of the individual. It is an identity based on the acceptance of a dominant entity with powerful structures and systems of an unknown quantity. Subjected to it, you become and remain a long-term prisoner always on your knees, begging please for acceptance. Locked in varied institutions, situations and scenarios, the only alternative is to rebel, burning, looting and the killing of your own, in all types of relentless genocide.

In a long line and list of identity changes, Black is the current name and designation for all people of African descent, but a rose is still a rose regardless of the names it is given. The process of projected darkness began in the old African diaspora, when the collective consciousness of all Africans there were totally erased. By the removal of the land on which they stand, dismantling ancestral connections, traditions, heritage, history, stripping away personal and family names, language and culture. Generational in its microscope, within the Black experiences every type of social mobility and self-determined activities were denied. All forms of personal development were arrested. 

The living of all Africans in the ‘New World’ can be easily recognised in full clarity to be a life of extremely heavy burdens, struggles, bondage, violence, terror, survival, and resistance against people, policies and systems forcing people of African descent to disappear into a void of darkness and nothingness. Based on the pseudo-science of Eugenics, ideologies and philosophies on the superiority of race, skin colour, and the privileges and status quo of an elite class. The token modern identity of ‘Black’ used to categorise people is a psychological, scientific, economic, social and political construct. Designed and utilised to place people of African descent into deep complexities that are impossible to resolve, dependency and perpetual servitude become the norm.

The soul of the African nation in deep desperation, the thoughts are, why can’t we be like other nations, what is it that we lack, where is the unity? Franticly, searching for answers and solutions in the extremely ugly horrific now or glorious ancient histories, the past is gone, dead. Leave it where it belongs, in the memory boxes of the deep. Apart from the similarities with others in the human species, as a nation and race of people, the modern history and current circumstances of Africans are uniquely different, and unlike any other nation. Without a power-base, nor a centralised government responsible for the nation as whole, we are still settled in small (citadels) tribal communities throughout the continent. We are also scattered and located among many nations in huge numbers of millions all over the planet.

Wherever we may be in the world, our realities, circumstances and experiences are very similar and almost identical. It is described mildly; as fully distressed, hopeless, wretched and severe. Even the successful individuals among us are traumatised, tarred with same brush as everyone, trapped in the negative images of skin, colour and race, they are also one of us. Reinforced through the global media and aid agencies with the continued stereotypical projections of hellish poverty, far from the truth of the matter, Africans are represented as the poorest beggars in the world unable to govern themselves.

Now, in the current one world global realities, no nation is prepared and able to deal with this new phenomenon like the progressive African, awakened, armed with heightened aware consciousness and in the spirit to create anew, we have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Unity is already secured in our DNA, all our ancestral memories are there, nature has bestowed her love and has given us all that we are. What we are to become now and, in the future, is within our designs and making. Every other nation appears to be fully established and secured in who they are.  

Here in the sixth region without the power to change the world, what you possess is the willpower to change yourself. To become the conscious individual you want to be, confident in full and complete knowledge of self. The weak ones are always driven away, restrained and controlled by someone or something else. Leave them alone, many will not return home. Generational in the change, transition, growth and evolution, step by step no matter how small, large or huge, we can all leave our mark and footprints in the sands of these times. Contributing whatever we can towards the future of our own making. The creation of the ‘New African’ and as a consequence – New Africa – is in full flow, right now, twenty-one years into the twenty first century. DRC – Deep Routes Collective.