The new woman.

“The woman who does not require validation from anyone, is the most feared individual on the planet.”

Mohadesa Najumi

The misconceptions of femininity are vast minefields of politics and confrontational social issues, obscuring the role it plays in life, in nature, our personality and individual character. The popular thoughts are along this line; feminine is all about the knowledge of being a woman, relegating this important aspect of human nature only to the levels of sex, gender opposites, polarities, chemistry and biology. 

Unfortunately, for most of us modern lifestyles restrict the observation of Nature in our daily living, removing us from conscious awareness of our natural connectedness with her. Generally, understanding the true qualities of the feminine are being lost. It is an entity and separate from the ideas of opposites, competition and comparisons to the masculine. 

The structures of the material universe and its functions are based on energy forces interacting and reproducing synergies from its inter-connectedness. In nature, the feminine and masculine energies working together creates a perfect balance, harmony and equilibrium. The essential qualities of these forces are specific aspects of energies that pervades all areas of life. Both energies bring distinctive qualities to our daily living. 

Set within the controlling laws of nature, on the physical level of human gender, male and female, the two energies are related to generation, regeneration, reproduction, and to procreate self. The feminine and masculine energies functions in both female and male genders, the dominant factor of each relates to the biological make-up of the specific physical body.

Small examples of the dominant aspects contained in the feminine energies are visible in social living; the refined qualities in the creating the stability of a cosy home, love, beauty, aesthetics, music, art. When the feminine energies and its influences are fully embraced in any society, it lifts the quality of life to a higher state of collective consciousness.

From the perceptions and teaching of traditional African cultures, the womb is a sacred space in its own universe, a place from which all human soul and life exit and enter the physical material world. The process of the feminine in nature is also Earth, the soil giving birth to all things planted in her. The rains fall, the crops grow and are harvested, giving blessings to all without partiality. Mimi Kebede.