With the intention and attempt to remove the ground from under the Rastafarians feet, the same two police officers who had shot and killed the innocent vagrant ragamuffin boy, were happy to rush into the lions’ Den private members club, announcing loudly with a hollow vengeance in their voices, “the emperor is dead, the Rasta God is dead!” The congregation of active Rastafarians in the lounge were instantly frozen, immediately recognising the uniforms of the brute beasts whose acts of cruelty, terror and brutality were well known in the ghetto community. The delayed silence in the Den became maddening, and the two officers franticly dashed out, trembling with baseless unknown fear.

Confident that Jah cannot die, will never lie and live forever, they shouted in unison “JAH LIVE!” Some of the junior rases in a far-off corner began wondering, if it was a trick to panic the crowd and place doubts in their minds and faith. While others were thinking maybe The Father had translated from the earth through the heavens and into the secret place of the higher one. They all knew if JAH presence was no longer visible on earth, then spiritual darkness would descend, and confusion, chaos and destruction would follow in judgement.   

A group of Rastafarians from the house of the Nyahbinghi mansion, chilling in a private room of the lions’ Den, on hearing international reports previously before the outburst of the police officers, were still perplexed by the sustained news report about the demise of Emperor Haile Selassie1, and the fact that the remains of his body remained unknown. Remembering the ancient sacred text documenting the wrestled battles between the celestial force and the fallen angels claiming the dead body of Moses, the prophet, priest and personal servant of Jah. This memory generated an inspired spiritual moment, prompting all members of the order present to meditate on the realms of cosmological searching in the heavens, but no clues of the Majesty whereabouts could be found. 

In their covenant vow and devotional reverence, in one accord the warriors within the group all decided to claim and become a portion of H.I.M. body of flesh. Individually in the spirit, all were determined to keep the divine essence and holy Irites of Jah on earth. Hoping and praying that the Ivine Almighty would remain with them and working through them, would benefit everyone calling on the name of Jah. In the secret ritual and ceremony, right there and then, the mystics were cosmic, streaming into the room from the original and eternal source.

They all rise up in a new name, body part and pattern for the construction and resurrection of JAH Spirit on earth, with and through them all as one single body of spiritualised flesh. The theocratic warriors rose up in overpowering strength and declared their new names; Jah Head, Jah Art, Jah Palm, Jah Foot, Jah Toe, Jah finger, Jah Knuckles, Jah I, Jah Finger, Jah Bones ——-and it continued.

until it was done; and their lips were sealed on the matter.  Unaware of the irie ites in the den, militant hardcore roots radical Jah Lloyd remained outside the Lion’s gate, studying the works of the two brute beasts, the warlocks, wizards and warmongers enjoying their devilments and delight in the bizarre news. Many were in disguise, but their signs were the unicorn, serpent, dragon, eagle, bull and bear. © Berhane Tensae