Now at the beginning of a new year cycle 2023, it is usually the time to make a fresh new start. Clear out the old cobwebs and begin anew. From the title, I am making attempts to assist in clearing out some nagging bugs. In terms of people, Black are generations without a memory of their origin, and the place of their true origin, have forgotten all about those who have gone to the place of no return.

History may recall the tragedies of the ‘Middle Passage’ crossing over oceans continuously for over four hundred years, and the holocaust of people being stripped of their humanity, identity, becoming forms of beast for burdens. Labouring from sun-up to sun-down, working without rewards of any sort, in a devalued life without meaning. Fit only for work – death, and nothing more.

This then is the tragic drama, history and legacy of ‘Blackness’ regarding the generations of African descendants, who were taken captives in their own land, shipped across oceans and transported as imported goods. Sold on auction blocks, chained and whipped into servitude, mercilessly!