After the conservative government’s internal battles, errors, scandals and three prime ministers 2022, the midlands have moved more towards the Labour Party’s Manifesto.

Yet, above the politics in parties, there should be a home-grown agenda for major improvements in the total West Midlands – Black Country environments, as one block for all communities. There are many things in place through the office of the West Midlands Mayor, but is this enough or satisfactory?

Here are a few pointers to consider:

  • Equality in levelling up!
  • Do not practice empty rhetoric in systems of local authorities.
  • Devise a people or civic models for motivation, ambition, confidence and achievement recognition.
  • Support models, methods and ways for improved quality of life and living, in all areas of the Black Country.
  • Lower taxes for all, in all age groups and income brackets through government backed schemes and quotas. Empower taxpayers to create the quality of their lifestyles, in their immediate vicinity and environments. Research & compare with other places in Europe and the Mediterranean. 
  • Quickly improve delivery, management with permanent overseers of public services, according to the specific needs within local areas and West Midlands Geographic Location.
  1. Upscale the rapid renewal of town centres for trade, social well-being and income generation for local businesses, not forgetting national quality brands like Marks & Spencer, Tesco, etc, etc. 
  2. Become more resilient in providing employment opportunities through investments in skills training to suit local needs. We don’t all have the capacity or big brains to be professors nor high-quality academics.


Upscaling the Black Country Creative Cultural Communities and Industry is one sure way to generate huge incomes in the billions year after years. Start with the specialist popular areas and continue with programmes to match the needs of all groups, including retired people of both genders:

  1. Literature and its groups of immediate and distant families.
  2. Design and its practices, fashion, graphics, illustration, animation and new digital media.
  3. Music in its vast fields of genre and performances.
  4. Theatre and Dance, from children to senior citizens, and the professional troupes.
  5. Publishing in all its fields, music, book, magazine and independent graphic novels.
  6. Storytelling & Filmmaking.
  7. Puppeteers and children entertainment.
  8. Support and Encourage writing in all genres and new original presentations.

As individuals and communities, we all now, have the power and opportunities to be active and pro-active, in shaping the future landscape and environments of the West Midlands, into the place we love to belong, enjoy, secure and pass on to the coming generations and regenerations.

Embrace the new challenges with eyes and hearts well opened. Create all things anew, better and towards the best in the region. All working together as a team of one, the rising effort toward renewal, becomes much lighter and easier. 

Good Luck & Happy New Year. Your Local Worrier. Sane – not insanity antics!