Energy of Life

THE WORLD – GLOBAL. “From the beginning of creation. Everything is Everything. Nothing can be separated, from the thing.” Lyrical Lee.

Generally, people use the term ‘Spirit’ in a variety of ways. Currently, the true meaning of the word is difficult to grasp and confusing. The English dictionary also offers a long list of differing meanings, according to the everyday use of the word in common practice.

There is the simple use of the word ‘spirit’, meaning strong alcoholic drinks. Then at another extreme, communication between the living and the dead, even the active forces at work in traditional African belief systems of magic and sorcery. There is the natural visible world, but there are many people working to open access and make connections with the invisible supernatural world. The cult of ghost fear.

Machine Head

All cultures at some time in their past contained beliefs of that type, tied-up with superstition and ignorance. In the present, the nations who have relied on science as a means of progress and advancement, have moved far away from all beliefs that defy logic and common sense. Yet still, the meaning of the word ‘spirit’ continues to be debated and analysed in the effort to find or discover the truth of its varied meanings.

According to how the word is used, many people relegate the term to illusions and delusions, simply because the spirit of an individual does not exist independently without a body of flesh. That is the main thought, projected as factual evidence against the whole idea of spirit as an invisible conscious entity.

New Technology

Especially among vast numbers of Europeans, advanced in the world of science and electronic technology. They may accept the ideologies of the psychic realm, an invisible world of living ideas within the mind or minds. In this case, the mind then become a vast limitless space that is not governed by distance nor time. 

Europeans in advanced societies may embrace psychology, archetypes, and psychic energies, to the extent of fantasy in the world of ‘Virtual Reality’ almost or nearly real. In this way, it could be viewed as satisfying the spiritual needs of the individual, in a world where the idea of a spiritual immortal entity is no longer valued or worshipped.

Mind Process

A non-material invisible substance, the mind is your spiritual universe within the body. A private individually protected secret place within, the mind transmits thoughts into speech and individual will into action. The mind receives information from the natural world, through the sense organs which are primarily located in the head.

It is difficult to pinpoint the mind to a specific location in the body, it is more of a process than an object. Working with the brain (a powerful generator) and the heart (the seat of desires and emotions) the mind is responsible for thoughts and thinking, intuition, imagination, dreams, perception, creativity, intelligence, concepts, will and memory. Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom become the great light in the mind of nations, people, and individuals, which without they would remain in a form of darkness.

Functioning through the brains, all thoughts are electro-magnetic energy vibrating in very high frequencies, at a level corresponding to your cultural development and intellectual capabilities. In this invisible dimension of energy, all our thoughts can be considered real, as real as a stone in the material world. Therefore, your thoughts manifesting a reality in the dimension of energy, may, through a natural process, become real in the material world.

Human & Divine

Even today 2023, wherever they are in world, Africans in general, by whatever name, believe in ‘God the Almighty Creator’. However, when African people use the word spirit, they are describing the universal essential invisible principle of energy in nature, or the driving life force, in a world that transcends material limitations. 

In any given situation, spirit is the unseen energy, motivator, a vital ingredient that generates and sustain all life, or commands the activities of all living organism. In the African world, ‘spiritual’ is understood to be a network, circuits and lines of invisible energies that connects us to God, nature, and each other. Our essential existence is within that life stream.

African Spirituality

An immortal substance, formed from the union of God energetic life force and the human body. The soul is our spiritual body, which contains our true personality, character, and the essence of our being. We also belong to a greater soul body, relating to the world of the ancestors and those not yet born. 

If we consider the fact that we came out of a genealogical birth pool containing four grandparents, wherever that life stream is coming from and the direction it will take, we are ultimately within it, and a vital part in the whole process. Individuals come from a people and will return to that people, living in the celestial, spiritual and physical. Wake the Village and Tell the Nation! The Modern Griot.