Two in One

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In the Global Village of 8 billion people, your identity is in your D.N.A. – Deoxyribo’Nucleic Acid.

What you become is entirely up to you! What are the civilising factors, for civil communities? It takes lots and lots of excellent good behaviour, for us all to get along.

The more we know about each other, the easier it becomes to understand. How to share and spread the love, good vibrations, and harmony filled relationships.

Without a shadow of doubt, bad company disturb, spoils, and corrupt good character.

Everyday living shapes your personality, character, and in the extreme determine what you become. Easy going and laid back, be careful as you go, same o – same o. “My Poison is your medicine. Your Heaven is my Hell.”


New Exhibition

Until 3rd March 2024 – Metropolitan Museum of Art – USA


The new vibrant exhibition explores, and project, the cultural and artistic achievements of the nations, living around the Mediterranean Sea basin, during the period of the Byzantium era.

The overall theme of the curators appears to be an attempt to reposition North and East Africa, as central in the vast transnational networks of trade, cultural exchange, wealth generation, and empire building.

In the displays are archaeology, mosaics, wall paintings, tapestry, basilicas, tiles, textiles, sculpture, metalworks, manuscripts, religious icons, jewellery, and more. 

Mediterranean Community

The historical facts and realities of the communities, living in the Mediterranean countries and islands, in the Byzantium era are mixed. The majority were all a vibrant colourful mix of Africans, Europeans, and Arabs. They were multi-ethnic, multiracial, and multilingual, in a unique connected social life, that was normal, common, and natural. 


Form the historical records we know, much later everything changed. These arrived in the dominant concepts and cultures of Greece, delivered by Alexander the Great.

Then Rome, through Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, 25 – 30 BC. Later the Arabs, also from the Middle East conquered the region, followed by the dominance of the Islamic religion.

With the exhibition focus on North and East Africa, from Egypt, Nubia, the Red Sea coast, and Ethiopia at the summit, and source of River Nile flowing down into the Mediterranean Sea. Positioning a valued past into the present, with renewed concepts, and original narratives for a better future, is an excellent route ready to go places.

The Book Catalogue

One way to learn of self, is through world heritage, and from our ancestral legacies. This major significant exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA. Is a brave attempt to re-examine the recorded history of the Byzantine Empire. 

If you saw the exhibition, consider this. Although there were major similarities, we must also look at the peculiar differences, and habitual practices of each group. As they all came together from different origins, societies, values, and family backgrounds, DNA has a lot to do with it all.  

If you did not see the exhibition, which will finish on the 3rd March 2024. Consider it as an introduction to further in-depth studies. The excellent catalogue will also assist with more research in the areas of this ground-breaking show. Eagle Eye.