Country living, away form the hustle, bustle, and frantic speed of city living.

Global Wars begin and are ignited in the mind of super-egotistic men, suffering from acute megalomania. Hell bent on world dominance, they use ideology, psychology and propaganda to justify their extreme lust, desires and obsessions. While taking all of us, with them to the extreme limits of no return. The Planet in crisis, what kind of world are we living in? Worlds within Worlds Within worlds!

I am from the world of professional visual creatives, who can remember when cinema was a grand theatre of spectacular colours, or of the multiple shades of greys between the extremes of black & white. It was a place where thousands would gather to share a moment of personal and collective delightful joys. Satisfying a deep essential human need for togetherness, even when stories moving on a screen is the focus. Subtle experiential mature meanings of life and good memories are made from those events.

Today, apart from battling smart invisible deadly viruses that can trans-mutate at will. The total global lock-down initiated by the leading superpowers, with directives from the United Nations world health organisation. Is an action that should also be viewed as the final human test and transition gateway into the brave new Ai-digital world of the future, which is right now!

Before I dive deeper into that space of free-fall without any sense of gravity. I will again recall social living in the times, not so long ago, before Digital Bio-Metrics Technology took root, Artificial Intelligence and algorithms became our Overseers, with Virtual Reality as our only place of Leisure. In isolation, no need to move from the spot, for many the only point of contact and communication, is a chip planted somewhere in the body.

In the household among family and even intimate lovers, we rarely talk heart to heart with each other. To relate we must inter-face with screens, navigate software in hand-held machines, write text for what used to be the most mundane verbal inter-change. This is the norm and natural lifestyle for everyone born less than four decades ago.      

Living is still very so very different outside the over-crowded machine managed and controlled metropolis, high speed cities that are cold, without heart and soul. Now, the joys of our small collective, are journeys to the countryside, small villages and towns on the coast, where the air is fresh and clean, and people, unplugged are still enjoying conversations with each other, without a mobile smartphone in sight. DRC – Deep Routes Collective.