For the purpose of this post only, the meaning of the key-words below are:

SPIRITUAL – the invisible circuits and networks of conscious energies that functions within our universe. Especially those that connects us to the divine, each other and nature, ie oxygen.

INTELLECTUAL – the engagement of critical thinking, reflection, use of conscience, cultivator of society and nations.

METAPHYSICAL – the existence of a non-physical working mind, in a world primarily composed of chemical and material matter, as a source to engage with natural reality.

Mental Slavery

The thought process or habitual thinking in a particular manner or form, one that is restricted from a viewpoint of dependancy and the acceptance of being inferior. Without hope in the hells of darkness, they remained on their knees praying to gods for helping services.

Whilst a small number actively push into practice the visions, ideas and solutions to be free – in will and self-determination. In order to create and design a new nation.

New World

From ancient to modern times, human beings were made into slaves for a variety of purposes. The most recent reason was to be a labour force to build and construct the designs for the new world. At the same time become the material goods of an investment economy for all stakeholders.

African Slavery, totally abolished over two hundred years ago, was followed by periods of colonisation, Neo-colonisation and new forms of dependencies.

BILAL Ethiopian Servant of ALLAH.

African people becoming new-members of many nation states, as a consequence, the daily living and systems in which the majority functions are not of their own making, and rarely reflects the true nature of their being.

What then are the processes African people must generally adopt, in order to evolve and become masters of their own destiny, mind, body and soul? In control to determine directions towards a future of their own making in the New Global Realities?

In the short period of captivity, devastation of nations and the trading of Africans as imported good, beast of burden and slaves. The depths of mental sufferings, spiritual and cultural splits, humiliations, psychological damages and the continuing after-effects of emotional traumas, are not fully measured, assessed, nor addressed in any relevant forms.

Running with the torches of freedom in the depths of darkness, the small beacon of hope was the little light from on-high streaming in – it is the Tikur Ambessa – the unconquered King of Kings in Yahuda.

It is declared, the ‘Wars are Over’ – the Lions and the Lambs are together side by side, and in rainbow colours, declare the glory of the almighty one. Him who live forever and ever in a world without end.

Those words above are not mine, they are written in the sacred text of the prophecy, archived by many scribes and kept for the generations at a time appointed. All are under the command of the Most High. Without partiality, exception or distinction, He make slaves of no one! The nations under surveillance, microscopes and scanners, the New World has began.

Return of the Super-Intelligent Germ

In the push and drive towards advanced progress, the working motto is “For the Common Good.” Yet still, the common man -male & female – seems to receive very little benefits from the projected ventures paid for. There are many models of organising, managing nations and the welfare of human beings. How do we set benchmarks and standards to aim for? One way will never fit all.

Never forget, Politics are all about gripping the balance of Power, by any means necessary, and whatever it takes, do not let go! The leading players in that Arena can do no wrong, they all have diplomatic immunity. Does that mean, they will not be punished for all the wrongs they do?

Power and control are desirable options, especially for people receiving excitable pleasures from inflicting pain , torture and suffering on innocent defenceless people. Any form of slavery is obnoxious and perverse, as it is now and as it was then, in the past.

We are all caught-up in Masquerades, ideologies of identities, economics of living, including the variety of deceptions that exposes our vulnerability of being humans. As a matter of facts, how many of us are fully aware and in full knowledge about the nature and qualities of being human. We are one species, in a variety of hues and shades. Slightly different with the same needs, and peculiarities derived from our environment, cultures, social living and embedded habits handed down as traditions, legacy and heritage. Where do we go from here, or do we continue as usual. The Modern Griot.