The World of Shadows Feelings & Emotions.

A Private & Personal Overview Made Public.


Preservation of life is a gift from the Almighty Creator. All things on Earth were created for the ultimate benefit of human beings. Let & let live!

That is the program registered in the genetics of our DNA, and it is still the best motto for peaceful co- existence.


Currently, the the whole wide world is in a state of global chaos and confusion, at every levels. Now that new digital technology, have pushed us closer together – Face to Face. In the New World Order, we are all living in a Gigantic Global Village.

Digital Frequencies- Global – the Web World Wide- www.

The Rights of every individual to chose a path, suitable for their well-being, is an extremely important factor of the new global political agenda.

This right for everyone, is not only a human right. It is within the Laws of Nature, the laws of Governing Nations, Rules of Communities, Family Values and the strict Regulations for a Civil Society, with Zero Tolerance.

How can this ideal work, and what are you doing to achieve these Rights of the Individual under the laws for yourself in daily living, and all others in life. Think twice, with every action there are consequences.

The World of Thoughts & Ideas in the limitless Mind.


How to live good is hard work, great effort is needed. That should now be the a priority duty for each and every individual person on this planet. Although self- preservation is an individual responsibility.

The benefits of it are all inclusive, and includes everything in our eco-system.

If it is possible to get the true facts and message of life, into the mind and every person agenda of beliefs. Offering simple proven methods of how best to apply good life, into everyday living. Then the qualities of social living, would be raised to higher levels of consciousness.

Conscience & Consciousness at Work.

Dependency and the integration of all life, are intertwined with all living things. There is no independence from everything.

For instance, we rely on trees for pure oxygen. At that level, we could say it is the breath of life. We pop-out of a womb, take a breath, and immediately we begin living.

Start eating, growing, enhanced learning, and rapid development follows, naturally.

A complex puzzle in the mind – how to continue living and not die, become one of the major task of living life. Natural living seems to be the most difficult thing to do. Question – What is the meaning of Life? Answer – Life is what you make it.

DNA Cellular SystemsVeins & Nerves Pumping Blood.

I question, why is this so? Oh my God! Imagine a Father with all the powers in the world, allow you freewill, to even hate and deny His existence. What is freedom? It should be approached with extreme caution.


Love the you’re in, treat it well. Do not abuse it. In appreciation, it may return the consideration, with more love and affection.

On the outer surface, all human beings appear to be similar. The same head, eyes, mouth hands and feet, with slight variations of little significance. On the inside, deep below, cellular, every single one of us are uniquely different.Including identical twins, among the 8 billion people living on the planet.

New One World Order – Global Citizens – through new digital technology – Dots Dittos & Emojis.
The ID – A Figment of the Imagination made Real.

Now, more than any other time, the essential care and responsibilities for your personal body, is in your hands. Not with doctors and nurses.

Good maintenance of your physical body, with quality care, is within your knowledge and understanding of self. We live within and through our body, get to know it well.

Strive to keep it in excellent working forms of well-being. In all aspects, Body, Mind & Soul.

Personal action should be taken at the first signs, long before the danger takes root. Seek specialist assistance when necessary.In the current climate be prepared to pay for it, as a point of necessity . Caring for your body must be a priority and daily routine, in order to live and stay well. Good Health is our True Wealth!

Life Energies in Nature.


From the Breath and Energy of life, integrated with the body of flesh. The non- material Soul arise into being, and reside in the Heart. We are governed by finite rules, the laws of nature, and in limited powers according to the exercise of Free-will. What does it profit to gain the world, and lose your very soul.

Lion Of Yahuda.

There is a higher power that is infinite – without beginning or end, and little known. When questioned, what is the greatest law. The Son Eyesus Christos answered, “love the Lord God, with all your heart, Mind, soul, and you’re neighbour as yourself.”

My Lord is the Shepherd, responding to all my needs. He make me to lie down in green fruitful pastures. He leads me beside quiet, tranquil waters. Even when I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I fear no evil. He restores my soul.

With the Rod, He corrects only those whom He love. With His Staff, he support and upholds, those who truly love, and call his name in need – with obedience. He is forever Merciful and Most Gracious. The essence of His Nature, Personality, Character, and ways, is pure Love. Sister Cutie -Single Black Woman & Child.