And There Was Light

Can you keep a secret, keep in your mind. Tell no one, not even your nearest and dearest. Now, what is there for you to see and know. “Let there be Light!”

Out of darkness cometh light. Instantly, the darkness ran away! Leaving all its hidden secrets, exposed, and revealed, for all to see. What did you see, pray tell?

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, saying loudly without a pause or hesitation, “yes, no, maybe so.”

How did the story go. No story, questions seeking facts not fiction, about what is seen in the revealing light.


At Home

Yes, that is true, at times my eyes play tricks on me. And my mind get awfully confused, I can barely make sense of it all. Yes, I Know what you mean, take one thing at a time, slowly look, and look closely again. What do you see?

Nothing is all as it appears to be, in the naked eye. Look closer with the mind and heart, we can see much more, and deeper with understanding. Not merely relying on what we know. In this way, we can know the unknown.

Me & My Shadow

On The Streets

Yesterday, I heard and witnessed a very strange conversation, between a man and his shadow, as they sat on the green lawn close to the library. Are you talking about his reflection, or someone that is following the person wherever?

That is a very good question. This was the strange thing, it appears that both things were happening. The shadow is a follower and a reflection, at the same time. Is that possible? 

I think, then I knew, there is no doubt, that was what I saw and heard.

Well, yes, maybe. It could be mind-games, or some kind of trick. But it was nothing like that. Let me explain. The shadow of the person was there, the two were in conversation. After saying their goodbyes, the reflection-the shadow, walked away, while the person remained.

Signs & Symbols

No Questions – No Lies

Did you hear the conversation, wat were they speaking about? I did not hear it all, just bits of sound bites to form an idea. It was as if they were talking about the sun, moon, and stars. And what it would mean to be permanently separated.

Strange enough, something like that happening outdoors naturally, and you are seeing it with your own eyes, and hearing with your own ears. Amazing, baffling!

Well, that is like having a conversation with the reflection in the mirror. When the talk was over, one leave to the right, while the other go to the left.

There is a difference between the two, one is a shadow and the other is a reflection. Yes, that may be true, the shadow is always Black. Now I can see so much more, but exactly what is it, and what does it all mean?

Not only was I locked out and could not see. I was in the dark, totally! I see, now we are really beginning to talk with each other. Are you from or in an occult? Say no more, I should have given you the sign. J. De’ Santos.