A secret liaison watched by unsuspecting spies.

Can you keep a secret, keep in your mind? Tell no one, not even those in the regimes of the high intelligentsia. Why tell me? When you do, it is no longer a secret. All mischiefs are executed in secrets and protected by mountains of lies.

If it is really a true secret, it cannot be something good. Whatever or whomever is in your head, also have your secrets. Do you still think it is a secret, kept from whom? They trick the Mind to get into the body. 

What! They are real and God is in the imagination. Oh! I see. If that is so, who created them, did they create themselves? When money is your God, familiar spirits whisper In your mind’s ear and accompany every actions. You are also haunted by devils, demons and djinns. 

Looking for a sign, none you will never find on I.  My God is no secret. The cryptic symbol for I&I victory Is a live Man on a white horse. Not a dead man hanging on a Black cross. How to live in this world for free, is that the big secret?By the sweat of your brow, you will truly be satisfied. You use the right things to do wrong. Clever! But the rights things will work in the wrong way. Is that how it works for you?

Do me a favour, keep your secrets well-hidden to yourself.All secrets will eventually be revealed and known. Be careful, Don’t get what the duck got. A hot boiling pot and Irish potatoes. Your goose is well cooked. However, my lips are sealed on this matter.

Listen to this imagination. By any other name, the Almighty Creator remain one and the same, in manner and likeness from generations to generations, ever faithful ever sure. Father Simple.