Morning Angel

Rebirth & Resurrection in the Black Country.

Way up North, live the nations of the Frozen Ice. In that environment, there is also the division of the year in a circular motion, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Each with its own character, season, or time of activity. The nature of the people also changes accordingly.

Nothing to do with the ballet scandal, and orchestral composition by Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky, based on pagan myths, for the 1913 Paris season.  

This info on the ‘Rites of Spring’ is an ancient formal activity that is the foundations for a specific ceremony, or religious practice among certain groups or community. It’s a time of rebirth, fertility, and growth.  Rites of Spring celebrates the renewed life of the Earth, that comes with spring. It is a Solar festival, celebrating the change of the season by cultures throughout the history of the Northern Ice Nations.

Crystal Ball

Festivities were held to celebrate the Gods, Goddesses, Mother Earth, and the Green Men. Spring-Time, the creative and mysterious power of the new season. One continuing example is, Coopers Hill cheese rolling and wake – Gloucester, England

The regular repeated actions in ceremonial orders, denotes specific behaviour for a reason. These customs have continued through the ages to the present time, i.e. “The barbaric rites of public execution.”

Memorial Park

Spring Tide, is just before or after a new full moon. Here we may discover the greatest rise and fall of tidal level and activity. Considered opposite of the masculine Sun, the Moon also has great influence on the earth’s energy. spring or new season has much to offer in terms of renewal and change. Team ACAP.