The fact that the singer and business mogul have now given birth – May 19th. Maybe, now is a good time to look closely at the reasons why she choose to wear very little clothing during her pregnancy.

Questions were being asked, was it all to do with her rebellious nature, was it a challenge to society rules, or a stunt to keep her name in the media highlights? Many critics stress the point, her pregnancy dress styles are not an acceptable way for a pregnant woman to dress. Where is her sense of decency?

Women in public are subjected to high levels of scrutiny, especially and in particular on the topic of the body beautiful. In Rihanna’s case, she made the choice to go nearly bare and reveal all. Whatever her reasons maybe, during her pregnancy she became the darling of the fashion industry, who defended her bump baring pregnancy fashion styles.

Above all, what exactly does this all mean for women in general and Black women in particular, to society, her public persona as a role model and influencer? Her pregnancy is over, but already copycats and imitators all over the world have began flaunting their baby bump in all forms of outrageous styles. Jennifer Thomas.