Maba Sion – Ethiopian Saint rising from Hell souls swarmed on him like bees.

From the title of this blog, maybe we will be accused of becoming delusional and losing faith. Most of us in the collective are from a religious background, we were born into it, grew up with it and believed it all to be true and real.

Yet, these questions remain, what is religion, where did it come from, and what is its real purpose?

Established centuries ago for moral guidance and social stability, at a time when the majority of the populations were uneducated, and with very limited understanding of the world in which they lived.

Today, science and Technology have removed the mystery, superstitions and misunderstandings of life. The very foundations on which the majority of religions started, and attempted to explain by doctrines, belief systems and zealous faiths.

As modern religious practices becomes more political, driven by business planning and guilt trips. the majority of believers are moving away from the archaic hierarchal systems that were to be obeyed without questions or objections. Now, so complex, they are unable to offer any form of satisfactory answers.

Generally, we can clearly see, organised religions all around the world, are out of step with the needs of the individual, and the demands of day to day living. Not to mention the regular atrocities committed by religious leaders.

The Great Satan kept a prisoner through four Celestial Beings.

In the collective, we all agree and accept the facts that are written here. In a vulnerable fragile and temporary physical body with a free-will mind. Human nature was designed to acknowledge something more permanent, pure and divine. With the general title ‘God’ a rarely known personification, became the object of devotion, adoration and worship. We now understand the true character and personality of our maker is love – God is Love!

True Religion

If organised religions have failed, how then will our deep spiritual needs be met and satisfied? We believe, true religion is a highly personal practice. It is a private relationship with individuals and their maker, conducted through the spiritual body of the soul. Find your truths by your-self, for your-self.

Now, we know, the Creator All Mighty, is not located in some unknown mysterious place. The real and true source of human life, is closer to you than the ground on which you stand. Deep Routes Collective.