Lion of Judah

Rastafari the African organic roots movement for growth, development, progress, and liberation, is being drafted as a new hybrid. Style and fashion Rasta is filled with passion, but is also off-key. For those involved the image is just a front, it is pop-culture, a trend that people get into and play. Bringing with them a world of falsehood, delusions, and illusions.

As a matter of fact, beyond long hair in locks, dress code, and varieties of lifestyles. There are a vast number of real beneficial teachings, doctrines, humanities, history, philosophy, spirituality, social realities, political observations, and projections.

Coronation 1930 – Addis Ababa.

For the original authentic Rastafarian, it is all serious, a matter of life and death. More than anything else, the teachings assist to find the Creator of heaven and earth – Almighty God – in yourself as a living being, and the true purpose of your individual life.  

A complex spiritual, psychological, and metaphysical process, it takes years of practice and maintained moral living, to begin on the real route to the Eternal Father and Mother.

The whole wide world is forever changing, generations come, and generations go. The changes bring about new unknown entities, energies, cultures, and unexpected realities.

How to deal with them, and maintain a level-headed balance, are keys to personal and individual survival. 

The Royal Family.

You are never alone. The teachings of Haile Selassie 1 – King of Kings – Elect of God, an ancient monarchy in the modern era, offers knowledge and know how on every aspect of our present daily living. He is the Rastafarian Lion of Judah – Yahuda – the root of Jesse. Breaking all chains, achieving the victory again and again. Unconquered from that time to this time.  

Empress Menen Asfaw, with a portfolio in education, remain active in promoting women’s issues. A devout religious person, she supported the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. She was also a patron of the Jerusalem Society, organisers for pilgrimages to the Holy Sites. ACAP Team.