Love Jah and Live, hate HIM and die.

The modern movement of Rastafari began as a people who prayed daily and petitioned JAH the Almighty God, to free them from material, physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual and psychological captivity. Following the divine order, “seek HIM first and all things will be added after”, the roads to individual and collective liberations were no easy task. Many were called, but only a few obeyed the voice and words in order to live it truly. It is a lifelong Journey, even after the seeking and finding all that was lost.

Through the modern majesty of the King of Kings-the conquering Lion of Judah, the victories were achieved. The focussed and driven action of total liberation was fully achieved during the closure of the twentieth century, the drive to the future began in earnest at the beginning of the twenty first century. The next stage of the progressive agenda is the total unification of all African nations on the continent, and the erasing of separate States and the removal of the ground on which they stand. The Millennium Renaissance is real, it is one thousand years of rising action, to resurrect and renew the Global African Civilization. We are now at the crossroads towards the true destiny, take the wrong turn, and as you slip you slide and gone, without any form of conscious awareness of what is really going on. This judgement is dreader dread! There are severe consequences for wrong actions, yet right in your own eyes.

Rising above the material restrictions and corrupt physical nature, reach out to a higher state of consciousness. Right now, all protocols, attitudes and behaviours among the Real Rastafarians are governed by genuine love. From the beginning, One Father and Master created all human life, with a free will. Even to do wrong is their right. Get ready! On the horizon and coming into view, is humanity confrontation with JAH new civilization, unknown to all – to be known by all, who are found worthy through His righteous judgements. If you are with HIM, Ras’Tafari spirituality is to faithfully serve Almighty JAH – EZABIHIER, including His purpose and plans for I&I and all humanity. 

In their relentless push to be seen and heard, a huge number of people in the current times, following the Rastafarian teachings and doctrines rarely accept divine orders, they devise and practice a culture of their own making. With very little accurate account of Jah words, works and orders, in which all-traditional Rastafarians were pre-occupied; many of the new-seekers remain in unknown error. Some suffering from severe amnesia usually end up lost, in the big bad broad ways of the decaying material worlds. Becoming superficial, artificial and never real, they function Rasta as simply a thing among many other things.

Unfortunately, many newcomers embracing the Rastafari Faith and Culture, while seeking new spiritual life, are led into the mire of the moral, sociological and psychological maze. There is the big Rasta man with long dreadlocks loudly declaring, “Haile Selassie cannot be a Rastafarian, he has no dreadlocks.” Caught-up, without guidance a growing number enter a world of fantasy; make believe delusions and illusions, battling phantoms within the never-ending wars and struggles of good verses evil. Now, in our advanced human cultures, how do we identify what is rationally good, and what is ultimately evil? Confusingly so, when my truths are your lies, and your heaven is my hell. Are we to remain perpetual enemies?

Consider this recent example of contrary activities. The burning fire and flames have literally returned into the chest of many who were, through the medium of popular music, chanting symbolic flames and using metaphorical fire to burn down everything that they disagree with. As if they were acting on behalf of Jah judges, juries and executioners. Hotter fire was returned, and many fire-blazers were gripped in fear and terror. Enticement to active warfare, are for those engaged in destruction and death, whether spiritual, material or physical, they are in opposition to the Living Creed. The ‘motto’ of the real Rastafari soul, livity and spirit is ‘Peace and Love’ to every one, baddy & goody.

Another example of the distorted route the movement of Rastafari is being driven into, is through the legacy of Robert Nesta Marley. Crowned king of Reggae music, the man became a myth. The facts and the realization that his musical compositions and lyrical contents, touched the hearts of so many people and nations around the world, was simply because he expressed and commented on many areas of the present human conditions. People individually, recognised and relating to the music essential truths, concurred, remained transfixed in hero worship and media sustained oblique idolatry.

Yet, after so many years since his demise in 1981, forty-two years ago, his image and legacy continue to be exploited for income generated commercial purposes. While the essence, true nature, spiritual source of his inspiration and energy remain hidden, un-researched and little known. Many people have elevated Bob Marley above the status of the Emperor and King, through whom Mr. Marley was able to identify and found the seat, throne, spirit, personality and embodiment of the living God-head on Earth.

As one excellent reminder, the life of the Christ two thousand years ago is the perfect example of right living. He did not give the world religion, but taught how to live with love. Jah is Love. Today, religion is a highly personal affair, find your own individual truths, and in that discourse your personal truths revealed, will set you free. Believe the words of Jah without hesitation; give Him complete devotion in words and works. Worship within His divine order only, without any type of deviations. All divine inspired sacred texts are useful for enlightenment, education and uplifment. However, the original Orthodox cultural traditions are under brutal attacks, both from within and without. The words of Jah serve you, and you serve it, in a corresponding agreement. The double minded person, functioning both good and evil; a deadly duality, Jah will never be there. Remember! Be sure about that, no doubt! Jah Sight 1.