Throne of God on Earth – Through the Root of Jesse, King David 1


Ras Tafari born in the 19th century, the life of the majesty from Harar province, Abyssinia – Ethiopia, was set and cemented in the 20th century.

A symbol of good versus evil, the king of kings was crowned Emperor, with his Empress at the same time. The global event in 1930, signalled the reign of victory for the unconquered throne of God on earth.

Soon after, the fire lit in Ethiopia, the world was plunged into the devastation of a second world war. Living amid his enemies, after five years in exile with family members. The Majesty returned to his duties, leading his country and continent out of poverty, colonisation, moving forward into the secure house of the Organisation of African Unity, O.A.U. Now, renamed the African Union, A.U.

Harar – UNESCO World Heritage Site – Fortified Historic Town.

In the 1970s, over eighty years and still continuing at the helm, fulfilling the vision for the full emancipation of the continent. In a coup d’état, the impatient young army leaders gripped the balance of power, and took political control of the country in which he resides. The prophecy about the last of the lion Kings, revealed itself. “The last shall be the first, and the first shall be the last.” 

H.I.M. and Family, 1950s.

People claimed, the emperor disappeared, translated to an unknown place. The teachings of His Majesty are written in volumes, and translated into several languages, is available for all who are interested in the life and times of H.I.M. 

Total emancipation of the continent was finally achieved in the 1990s, through the President, Nelson Mandela. The end of Apartheid in the southern regions, signalled the return of the whole African Continent, to the people of Africa. Now, in the 21st century, the new task is striving for unity of states, action, people, culture, politics, and economy.

Man in the Hills – Jamaica 1960s.


Now, in the 21st century, there are myriads of groups who have set Ras Tafari Makonnen – Emperor Haile Selassie 1 on high, are counted in the millions. Some have placed H.I.M. on a seat among the divine saints. You will find in every race in every nation, people claiming their salvation through the modern teachings of His Majesty.

Yet, at the beginning of the 20th century, the Pan-Africanists, with doctrines centred in socialism and communism, did not understand the Majesty non-aligned politics of live, and let live.

Neither did they acknowledge his membership to the League of Nations, and later his role as Chairman of the United Nations World Council of Leaders, placed H.I.M. under suspect in the suspicious minds of some people.

Rastafarians Pilgrimage to Harar.

The power advocate Marcus Garvey declared, Black people should look for the global king crowned in Africa, through H.I.M. they would find their liberation.

The Ethiopian World Federation, with its headquarters in New York, USA, and the Rastafarians in Jamaica pushed for repatriation, and began their return to the Motherland, the place of Origin, in Mind, Spirit, Body and Soul.

For the millions of captives, ex-slaves now free in the diaspora. Becoming citizens, they were placed below zero in the categories of sub-class on the social ladders. They’re current demands for social justice, civil rights, human liberties, including reparations, began with protest, demonstrations, riots, and death in their new homes. As the new wave of consciousness grew, and humanity evolution rising, pushing and driving towards the new order, of one world citizens. The hope is for a better life in any place on earth.

Artist Projection – Statue at the Opening Ceremony for H.I.M. Museum & Research Library in Harar.
Wailers Album Cover – Bunny, Bob & Peter.


Among the singers and players of instruments, who used music as a vehicle to spread, and promote the message and teachings of the Rastafarians.

Bob Marley the soul-rebel, was lifted in the music industry of commerce, to become king of Reggae music during the 1970s, over fifty years ago.

Now the Man is a Myth, being contrasted and compared with H.I.M.

The doctrine of the Rastafarians fragmented into Nyah-binghi, Bongo, Bobo-Shanti, House of Twelve Tribes, Trustafarians, Black Youth faith, with many types of similar social groups, and organisations preaching African unity for Africans. At the same time, unable to secure any form of unity among themselves, not even in the name of the King of Kings.

The new recruits on the music bandwagon, seeking the star trail, are lost in drugs, sex, high fashion, passion, rocking and rolling. Is there really a need or place for these new deviations in the 21st century? Have their examples and teachings, past their usefulness in the current global realities?  

Count Ossie – Miriam Makeba – Samuel Clayton – Cultural Group Mystic Revelation of Ras Tafari
Abyssinians – Reggae Vocal Group

Especially so, in the New African Creation taking place right now on the continent. The focus surely, must be on the Glory of the Unconquered Majesty, as the real example and true role model.

As we attempt to separate opinions, fictions and falsehood from facts, in a social media puzzle, of bizarre mind-games.

The Lion and the Lamb embraced each other in Peace and Love. The natural energy of the beast, and serpent is declared dead! In human beings – both male and female.

A new dawn is upon us all. Let us embrace the New Evolution of our Humanity, on the Planet we all call Home in the Dome. One Love! Sister M.