The invention of the printing press generated a small revolution in the dissemination of information and knowledge among the masses. Functioning among the elites of the exclusive art world, and utilizing the skills and crafts of the artisans, the printmakers were able to copy the paintings of the old masters, to be sold and enjoyed by all social classes.

Today, in the hands of creative artists, the various methods of making prints are accepted as a medium to create and make Fine Art, both in multiples and originals. 

Fine Art Giclee Prints

Giclee is a French word meaning ‘to spray’, referring to how the prints are produced. Without hard copies, this new digital printing system was introduced in the late 1980s. Large format inkjet printers, use computerised systems that are able to match colours accurately, and apply lightfastness inks by spraying with precision. High quality art prints are easily achieved. Archival ratings can range up to 200 years without fading. Its best to frame these behind non-reflective glass.

ACAP Prints on Sale: A digital image becomes real when it is printed, only then does it exist as a solid object. Whenever an ACAP limited edition of prints are sold-out, all digital files and data of that image will deleted, burnt, no longer in existence. By then all collectors will have received a certificate of authentication, with a serial number as proof of purchase.