INAUGURATION OF H.I.M. STATUE – Artist Impression.
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Pilgrims are people who journey to a Sacred and Holy Place. Jerusalem, is such a Place for Christians. Likewise, Mecca, is the Place for Islam.

The Birthplace of Haile Selassie1 – Harar, is the Holy Place for devout Rastafarians. Ras Krumah, resident in Addis Ababa, started the first pilgrimage to Ejersa-Goro, Harar.

Since that time, pilgrims make the journey to the site, yearly, on the Birthday of the King of Kings. Through the authorities of the Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Judaeo-Christian Church, the Majesty is now recognised as a true saint of the Orthodox Faith and Tradition.

H.I.M. & Family Exiled In Bath, Somerset, England – 1930s.

In Bath-Somerset-England.

Declaring war, through directives from the Facist Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini. Fleets of planes sprayed poison gas, like a blanket of death, covering Ethiopia in the late 1930s.

The ministers and high priests of H.I.M. government, requested and pleaded with him to go abroad. Many people say, ‘the king & Emperor was a coward, he ran away to save his life, and left his people defenceless.’ Contrary to that incorrect thought, belief and gossip. H.I.M. Went into the Belly of the Beast, in the midst of His enemies in Europe. History can recall the beginning and end of the Second World War, including the important role Mr. Haile Selassie activated in that global catastrophe! The Environment around his home in Bath, reminded H.I.M. of the rolling Hills in Ejersa-Goro.

An Excellent Read if You Can Find This Book.

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An individual of African descent, nation, culture, and psychological profile, entering or born in a European city, is caught-up in a dominant culture. There is a need to adapt, learn and integrate, to function, participate, contribute, achieve, and excel. 

The disadvantages in those circumstances and hostile environments are relentless, even after government laws and rules against discrimination are declared and implemented, they persist.

The foreign individual viewed as an alien becomes a scapegoat, an obvious suspect and bogus at any given opportunity. Regardless of the profession, image, in whatever character or persona projected. 

Black, a constructed political identity bestowed on any individual, will always be artificial, signifying a symbolic loss of all conscious sense of identity. To be whole, means the individual person must be empowered to cultivate and become the best of who and what they are, naturally.

Danijah Tafari – 2014

Among the things that constantly reminds us of who we are, and the fact that you are of African origin is your DNA. On a deeper spiritual level, the genetic memory banks guide you to a storehouse of ancestral metaphysical reconnections.

The living social realities force you to seek alternatives. Awakened cultural and creative faculties, drive you to accept the realities of the circumstances you are in. Discovering the desperate need for change, the opportunities to start anew, is now, do it! Nu-Active.