These beautiful images are reflections in water. Light and movement captured at the decisive moment, gives the photographs the look and qualities of paintings. Is the artist mimicking paintings? Danijah is from a fine art background, he was photographing long before he completed a degree in Fine Arts. I believe the two disciplines are merging. The photographs appears to be moving into abstraction. Danijah say; the images are reflections of our current inner state, the pandemic is to be blamed. Nervous systems unsteady, shaking, unsure, tense, stressed out, close to breaking point. The title ‘Upside Down -Outside In’ offers hints and clues. I have seen numerous photographs of reflections and movement in water, but nothing like this. There is depth, the colours are vivid, translucent and dynamic. The work shows very little darkness, the effects and results of Danijah nervous tensions looks extremely beautiful to me.

The work was made during the Covid pandemic, I was thinking a lot about Mother Nature’s cares and loves. She offers so much. I told myself. be patient, no looking back, a better future awaits. Only you can make it so, for you. I heard, “make a promise to yourself, spare a kind word for someone, today. It is so easy to keep when you mean it.”

In a world of unprecedented scenarios, filled with cultures of chaos and confusion. Suddenly, we become disoriented, all that we held to be true, and thought was safe and secure is lost! All gone, like magic, in a puff of breeze. We are isolated, lock down but drifting in mind. What to do, our worlds are no longer here. I wonder, I ponder, frozen, in limbo. There isn’t nobody here, but me – in solo mode my invisible friend, AI. We need each more than ever!