Currently, the dramatic changes that is sweeping across the planet, has left us all in a state of chaos and confusion. As countries try their best to reorganise their structures, civil policies, and diplomatic relationships. 

Theatre of War

There are leaders in some countries, who still believe, and are stuck in the old mode of solving conflicts through warfare. War is the living hell on earth, countless innocent people have died, and are dying every day, due to the lack in our political leaders’ abilities, to find another way. Senseless death of millions continues unabated.

In many cases, political grudges go back centuries, of which, the majority in the current generations are totally unaware. Yet they suffer and wonder why this war is happening. Yet, the political leaders cannot let go, and find a new way. Is it a matter of pride, fear, megalomania?

The ability to destroy each other, is a major industry and investment among elites in politics. They say it is a matter of security, supported by secret intelligence services. Working around the world gathering data and information, to protect its interest and citizens, from known and unknown adversaries.

State of War

Now, there are several conflicts in the world that are raining fire and death on people, including children and babies. These are occurring in a variety of places, but the results are the same, the living ‘Hell on Earth.’ 

Israel & Hamas Militants, this age-old conflict has destabilised the whole Middle East, when will it end? An extremely sensitive global political issue, the problems of this region could engulf the whole world, in issues unrelated to direct war in the region. 

Russia, led by President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine, led by President Volodymyr Zelensky. Drawn out and relentless, this conflict exposes the weakness of treaties, and how easy it is to spread conflicts among political allies. At the same time millions dies, and the cost of destruction adds up to billions. Including the cost to rebuild basic infrastructures. 

Apocalypse Now

Taiwan, rarely in focus and global news networks. Here the conflicts are how and when China will attempt to take control of this country. With support from USA, the predictions are a possible confrontation between the two super-powers. 

Haiti, a collapse of government services on this small Caribbean Island, has triggered extreme political unrest and breakdown of civil society. After the murder of political leaders, the only hope is for external occupation to curb the chaos and deaths.

Armenia & Azerbaijan, long term stalemate and border conflicts between these two nations, is now more inflamed due to war between Russia and Ukraine. This dispute also relates to the middle east conflicts and western alliances.  

Iran, the recent history of wars in Iran, has left the country in major disarray. The civil unrest has proven to be a major obstacle in moving forward. Without democracy and the rights of the individual liberty, there is a far way to go before stability will be found.


Yemen, a forgotten war in a country that borders the Red Sea and across to the Horn of Africa. Civil unrest between the Houthi rebels, and the government forces, supplied and supported by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, this conflict has been waging for years, without any form of respite.

Ethiopia, ethnic divisions, and tribalism is the main root of war and conflicts in this country. Currently, there seems to be a working agreement towards peace and ceasefire. Whether this will work long term, depends entirely on the agreements among the warring factions. The suffering and dying people have very little say in the matter.


Democratic Republic of Congo, rebel group M23 creating havoc in the country, is supported by the Rwanda government, so it is claimed. The problems here are complex, and the implications are many. Whichever way they are viewed, if peace is not achieved soon, the continuing conflicts may destabilise the whole region.

The Sahel – Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, the recent coup d’état by government forces in these countries, is more about the relationship with their former coloniser and the current political leadership. Nevertheless, the suffering of the populations in this region are very real. The young Army officers, who have taken control of the region, may have good intentions, but is this enough to secure peace and well-being for the nations?

Pakistan, after the removal of former Prime minister, Imran Khan. The inabilities of the state have forced extreme militant groups to choose violence, to resolve their grievances. The threat of instability and breakdown of social cohesion is real. What can ‘We The People’ do to prevent Wars? Nancy P.