Xmas Family Viewing

The cinema or theatre of the moving image was also designed to support social cohesion, cultural and artistic advancement, entertainment and shared experiences for all, friends and families in a community. The multiplex and megaplex generated the shift from this mode to something entirely different. The same place and space, smaller for the same audiences, but the choices of films on screen increased in numbers, as the quality decreased.

The shared social and cultural experiences fade away into streamed isolation, and small screen social media addiction. Such is the way in the major changes in the advanced developed worlds, for better or worse. loneliness, increase socially inept people and many other things affecting our well-being. What will be the general outcome along this line? People need people, it’s in our human nature.  

Anyway, apart from the birth of Christ celebrations, Christmas is a time for goodwill, family and friends gathering sharing fun and enjoyment. Listed below are 4 films worth viewing in company, share and make comments on their relevance to the times, unprecedented, unknown and why? All opinions are valued, respected and worth the time and patience.

 All top-quality actors, directors, great stories, excellent screenplay and cinematography. Even if you have seen them before, watch and revisit the stories again, with renewed and refreshed eyes together. Lighten-up, feel free, open-up, you are among people who love you. Regardless of the superficial differences. We all have a lot more in common than you think. Happy Xmas, xxx. The Film Reviewer.


Rated: 12

Running Time: 1hr – 45 mins.

An enjoyable, sensitive emotional film about family life, independence, the quality, and qualified power of love. With her caregiver, a 14 years of age girl flees from her angry, cruel father to South Carolina, USA. She is sheltered by Bee keeping sisters, who make a living from selling honey. The runaway encounters unexpected acceptance, spiritual love, grace and unique forms of human bonding with each of the gifted sisters.


Rated: 12

Running Time: 2hrs – 26mins.

A mini epic that attempts to span and explore Mr. Mandela’s exceptional incredible life. Starting from a child in a small rural village, through severe hardships and test of faith, to the inauguration as the elected President of a new South Africa – Azania. Signalling the final death blow to the system of apartheid, on the continent of Africa. An ultimate portrait of a modern icon in the area of humanity, peace, love and reconciliation. Extremely relevant history maker.


Rated 15 

Running Time: 1hr – 35 mins.

Languages: Cantonese, English, Spanish.

An exciting jamboree and mixture of comedy, action packed martial arts adventure, all set in a modern urban decay apartment complex – Pigsty Alley. The drama is wildly imaginative, Kung-Fu showdowns to dance sequences of mobsters in tuxedos – the Axe Gang. The moving sequences are outrageous, the characters way out there, somewhere!


Rated: 15 

Running Time: 1hr – 55 mins approx.

In this game of seduction and conquest, the subtle European character of exploration, discovery and conquest, everything is accepted, even death. A wealthy widow challenges a notorious Casanova, to seduce a beautiful young newlywed. The players in this deadly game of lust and betrayal, fall in love with tragic consequences.  


Rated 15

Running Time: 107 mins.

Dorian is charming, exciting, powerful and cursed. Arriving fresh and naïve to London social scenes and escapades. Dorian is taken under the wing and protection of Lord Henry, corrupt, cunning and devilish. Introduced to the seedy pleasures of the capital, Dorian gives his soul to remain young and beautiful forever. What comes after is frightening and bewildering. 


Rated: 12

Running Time:

A Legendary hunter of demons and monsters is commissioned by the Vatican and sent to Transylvania. A location terrorised by the aggressive charismatic and powerful vampire, Count Dracula. The demon hunter joins force with a beautiful gypsy princess, a woman who is determined to end an ancient curse on her family. Intent on defeating the infamous vampire with the support of Van Helsing, the quest is to remove evils from the world.