In the Mind

Psychological Warfare

To reduce a nation to the lowest level of human existence, is no easy task. In their perverted practice of power and control, the colonial regimes began in the mind of the individual, to construct a dependant perpetual servant.

The victorious warriors, who escaped the horrors and traumas is another story. Here we will begin with the victims of mental slavery.

Both males and females, the strongest in mind and body were removed from their place of origin. Thousands of miles across ocean and sea, beyond their borders, to an unknown land of no return. 

Death March

Captives Beyond Their Borders

Stripped bare of collective consciousness, genetic memory, cultural identity, religion, name, and social living. Groups of individuals in chain gangs, worked from sun-up to sun-down.

Millions of African people in the European New world, remained empty vessels, waiting to be filled with whatever the overseer and colonialist deemed necessary, to create a permanent dependent creature. They have internalised and made their own, even the oblique unknown mannerisms of their masters and mistresses.

Living a short lifespan, within a short generation, without any form of cultural and social continuum, the past existence as an African was totally erased. There were no futures beyond their present conditioning of imprisonment, terror, torture, work, and death.

To Be Free

The small numbers that rebelled and escaped, disappeared into the unknown. Over time, the place from which the victims came were forgotten, and the people from which they came, forgot about them. They remained in the place of no return mind, body, and soul.

Colonial Master

Slave Economics

In their new model for global economy through African slavery, and to justify their barbarism. The colonial regimes, using propaganda, the pseudo-science of eugenics.

Published articles, booklets, promoted, and explained that “Africans were two thirds human, and one third animal. They have not evolved mentally and intellectually to the superior race – to which we belong.”

At that time, through comparing and contrasting, the world believed the propaganda, and practiced this belief as fact, to the present moment of time. 


Negative Legacies

Racism remains a stain, a blemish, and a dangerous spot in the mind of human beings. A bizarre figment that resists every form of external persuasions. An internal poison, it will only be removed by individual effort over time, in private and personal work. Ju-Ju.

H.I.M.Man of the Millennium – Decolonising the African Mind!