Weekly News Bulletin

The West Midlands – Black Country – Wolverhampton. Wherever you are – anywhere in the world, it is always a good idea to know what is going on in your local area – good or bad.

Monthly Free Magazine

Some of the best creative arts and entertainment come to the West Midlands.

Whatever your pleasure or poison, something is there in the ‘What’s On’ monthly magazine.

Free of charge, you can find it in public spaces like your local library, art galleries etc.

A lot is there with high quality and proper journalism standards, and much much more.

Get your copy, check, and see for yourself!

Arena Theatre Magazine

Local theatre is bursting with new and exciting talented people.

While you enjoy great entertainment, catch them at work before they fly away, and explode on the major stages around the world.

An intimate modern space, the Arena is a great place to begin your entrance into the fabulous world of theatre.

Art Guide Magazine – www.artfund.org/spring 2023

Whether you have time or not, enjoyment of the arts can be a great hobby.

It is also cost effective, as the entrance to the majority of venues and galleries are free!

Yes! it’s true, these places can be a little intimidating and challenging. Especially for someone who is just beginning, or know very little to nothing about the arts.

But everyone started from nothing, even the great artists themselves knew very little at the beginning.

Start with an interest, from there, see and discover the things you do like, and go from there to many places.

There are a lot to see and do in the West Midlands arts circle. Move away from the Isolation, you now have no excuses. It’s Spring, go out there and enjoy!

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