In the current times of new diversity and inclusive acceptance, everyone is free to think and believe whatever they choose. What are facts and fiction, true or false, real or fake?

The differences of those opposites are now blurred, and are becoming little known separate qualities of distinctions.

In contemporary society, the fabric of everything are intricately laced and tightly woven together, fantasy, reality and illusion are quite normal. They are now all acceptable natural alternative ways of living, protected by laws and the rights of the individual.

Caught-up within the overwhelming forces, energies and dilemma of the times, we are swept away into the patterns and trends of the constantly non-stop working systems of automation.

One simple mistake, you slip, slide and washed away somewhere. Even when you are located within the foundations of established cliques. Where then can you feel safe and protected?

Life is lived through a series of inevitable changes that we must go through. How we function in the process of these changes, determine the outcome of our personal growth, realisation and evolution towards, good, better, best, or not. The thoughts that the individual believe, accept and practice, drives the person to behave in a particular manner.

The changes in life are confusing, complex and filled with many contradictions, go gentle and easy on yourself. Human beings are most fragile within their non-physical inner state. We have very little knowledge and understanding about this area of our living. Where to find useful guidance and accessible info, are no longer easily available. The disgrace and dying secular organised religions, have left a void in our spiritual needs and mental well-being.

No longer existing on a day to day routine of habits. In the choices you accept, life is what you make it. Regardless of all the restrictions and barriers.

Seeking answers, the life I am living, what is the purpose and meaning of it all?

Relating to the unique persona of self, only you the individual will know the answer to those questions and no one else. Every adult person must now find their own reason for living, that they consider and believe to be true. All making sense in a world of seven billion people.

It is good to have fun and enjoyment, at the right time and place. Life is no joke, it is not something to play with.Your true purpose and reasons for living, will never be the same as someone else. Even when we respond to the questions of meaning and reasons for it in a similar manner. Utilising your natural senses, the individual must find the time for deep introspection and soul searching. Through honesty and truths, accept what is found there, without the bias towards self-centred thinking. Become proactive in a manner that is beneficial to you, loved ones, everyone you live with and among.

Remember, bad company corrupts good character. The lack of good education and know how, will keep you stumbling in dark unknown places. Wherever you are, stay free through following the governing laws, rules, regulations and instructions. Pay serious and close attention to your basic needs – food – clothes – shelter, physical and mental health. Begin working from these small needs to strive and achieve in life. The Modern Griot.