The Lion of Judah Shall Break Every Chain

The Lion of Judah Shall Break Every Chain

And Give Us All the Victory Again & Again!!!

Even from the place of the unknown Ancestral Regions, His Energies are here in the bigger Mind, Heart, & Soul of His people, right now and forever and forever, Selah, Hallelu-Jah!


After the years of shutdown, the Romans did the same after the death of the Christ, two thousands years ago. and started history afresh. B.C. to A.D. Anno Domini. A new start for new life.

Twenty three years into the twenty first century, we are just beginning to wake up to the new realities, The creator is reclaiming His Creation. If man is not willing to participate, and assist. He will wake up stones to do the work.

Yet still, among the Mad-Men, they are still in the playground making all attempts to control and utilise the forces of nature, to their own devious will and intent. Instead of working with her. They claim it is their rights to do so. To generate havoc and madness,? Destroy the planet on which we all live. They are certainly not inhumane, they are positively not human!


The Beast in Man is Dead! No longer in its image and likeness. LAST of the LION KING!

The Lion King of Yahuda – Broke the Chains and achieve the Victory – Unconquered. The New Millennium Renaissance has began. One Love, One Heart, One Destiny!

Through the root and lineage of King Solomon, son of King David in Jerusalem & the Queen of South, Makeda in Saba – Axum.

The continuation of their son, King Beyna Leykum – King David ♊︎, Emperor Menelik 1 – A line unbroken to the 20th century A.D. Emperor Haile Selassie 1 of Abyssinia – Ethiopia. King of Kings, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God, Defender of the Orthodox Faith.

A world-renowned global leader, a non-aligned stateman, founding member and chairman of the O.A.U. – AU, member of the world council of leaders, Founding member of architects for the United Nations, UN – UNESCO. Declared Millennium Man – November 1930, Time Magazine, U.S.A. 

Foundering Members of the Organisation of the African Union. O.A.U.