The life given to human beings, should never and must not be about abusing one another, or each other. Government, societies and communities must continue to do their best, in order to prevent the abuse of human beings, and ensure peace among nations, communities and peoples.

Peace is the product of a society that strives to maintain, establish and uphold good reason, common sense and right moral living. Right living refers to, and points to people with a shared ideology, of utilising their purest and most unselfish minds.

All people have a right to the things they need to live and survive, even those who are unable to work.

No person or people have the right to deprive others of the things they need to live: food, clothing, shelter and protection.

Human beings must use every effort to come together – sit in council – negotiate differences, agree on similarities – find peace! Force should only be used as a last resort, as a defence to restrain a certain attack of force.

The great spirit of life lives in all of us, gives energy to all things, in all realms of creation. We are all part of the Sacred Web of life. The quality of attention we give to this life and truths in the web, is called Holiness. Live good and reap the benefits. Native American Wise-Mind.