The Result of the Fall – in the Garden of the New Creation.

21st Century Living

Due to modern ideas, and the social cultures of total transparency, people are more willing to reveal their inner world – ‘what was hidden in the dark, is now visible in the light.’

We are slowly evolving to fully comprehend, understand, and experience the spiritual psychic world, that remain invisible to the eyes.

Consisting of energies, that affects us mainly in the unconscious, and subconscious domains of our daily existence.

The brief outlines of this post, are attempts to show the connections between the inner, and outer worlds of human beings. A domain that remains generally unknown.

The illustrative image and diagram, are literal in the sense, that they assist us to understand the concepts, of this non-material space of reality, in the spiritual or psychic domain of energy and frequencies.

All that is in the natural physical world, human nature, and everything in life not made by humans, were set, fixed and rooted, from the beginning of creation. The debate continues, by chance or design? There are no considerations in that regard here. This post is concerned with accepted beliefs, here and now.

Three Routes

Energy of LifeSoul Mind & Body

An immortal invisible substance, the spirit of life flows into the soul, as Divine Love and Light.

Through the soul, the spirit and energy of life, go into the non-material mind, having authority by self will, over the physical organic body.

Residing in the heart, the soul is an immortal spiritual body, that contain the true essence our being. Formed from the union and source of all life, the creator’s spirit energy – – and human flesh. The soul matures. stay young. and live forever.

The Mind is a vast limitless invisible space, that is not governed by time and distance. Is a private, personal, protected secret place within, from where thoughts are transmitted into speech, and self-will into action.

A process within the head-space of the individual, the Mind works with the Heart – the seat of emotions, and place of the living soul. The Mind – Heart – Soul – functioning together in union, the spiritual, conscience, and consciousness are engaged. The whole body, and inner-self are in harmony, the individual is then able to achieve a sense of balance, and perceive the world outside as it is, on all levels.

A Evil Soul in a Living Body – descends into the Lake of Fire.

Souls & Liquid Fire

Spiritual are the networks of conscious energies, lines and circuits, that connects us all to nature, each other, and the Almighty Creator – of all things known and unknown.

There are also conscious evil entities that functions in the these spheres of energy, vibrating at frequencies that makes them invisible. They are struggling to gain access, into the human body, through the mind, taking full control of the individual.

To lose your soul, is the beginning of non-existence. Extreme negative state of mind can lead to mental illness, and in the extreme total insanity.

The ultimate struggle for the human soul, is in the psyche of the mind – this is the spiritual battlefield of evil verses good. The descent begins, when the soul is separated from the body – ‘first death’ – 1.

Truths from the Creator’s wisdom, flows into the Mind from the soul, and the good of love, act on the conscience as an internal judge of our actions, recognising right from wrong. The process of rational thinking called mentality, determines the qualities of the individual character and persona. Hold on to the Mighty God – the Creator of heaven and earth. The only one able to restore your soul. Ju-Ju’Beth.