A House becomes a Home, when Love is Living there. Otherwise, it will only be a building that is a secure place, with a roof over your head, and a shelter from the cold. A home is a special intimate place, where you feel most comfortable, relaxed and safe, with a sense of belonging.


This particular area, close to centre of town, has its own unique charm. A park with a lake is central to the whole vicinity, with a variety of houses with different architectural designs. Bricks and mortar are also of high quality. There are a number of properties for sale at the present time.

West Park is a fairly green area, with a park and lots of trees. Owning a home have a number of benefits; freedom to create a space that is uniquely yours. A place you can design and truly call home. Build value and equity over time.


It is worth the time exploring the different Government Schemes, available to assist individuals to get on the property ladder. There is the Mortgage Guarantee Scheme, First Homes Scheme, which offers first time buyers between 30-50% discount on newly built homes. There is also Shared Ownership and the Lifetime ISA. Check out the Government Schemes to help you buy a house in 2023. ACAP Team.