Black models on the High Fashion Runways.


What are you talking about? Black Lives Matter. Oh! Still again. This time it was about the lack of Black people in the fashion industry. It’s getting better ins’t it? Well, improving from the worst, is not exactly better.

I am about to leave it all behind me soon. Oh! What happened? What is it we do, clothes horses battling to be accepted and getting nowhere fast. Don’t bother to mention tokens or the chosen few.

Beauty and desire is a passport for many women, I am one of them. If you’ve got it why not show it, get what you need and want. I suppose it will certainly open more than doors, and other things. like what? Guess, use your common sense.

What are you talking about common! Listen carefully and remember this. Where dogs are not invited, bones are not provided. In my world, no matter how beautiful you are, the most you can hope for is to be second best.

Calm down! I may not be refined, sophisticated, superficial, artificial, pretentious, Blaise and savour-faire. But I am not plain, ugly, fat, mean spirited and envious, jealous of super-beautiful women. I am not complaining about being eye candy, but why is it becoming so personal?

Look, we are the face of fashion, a huge retail industry. It is all about style, glamour, magic, magnetism, looking good, attraction, passion. This is how I make a living. But what is this industry using to sell, Sex! I am not selling myself, luxury is what it is all about. You are the vehicle that is driving it, sex. You the clothes horse they all want to ride. What about male models? Do you Know any? No!

Lots of men describes female models in the same ways as cars, a great body. To me these bodies, go from station to station being filled with pollution. Thats nasty! Yes! I am getting down and dirty. I make no apologies for my acute observations, the tendency is that way. Are you trying to point a finger at something to do with me. You are even making this topic personal, why?

May I add to the conversation? Go ahead. There is something in what is mentioned. Do you remember the scandals about being objectified as sex toys and me too. Well, fashion is also a play to attract sexual energies and stimulate desire. You mean a game of winners and losers. Not many of us are elevated to celebrity status, securing billionaire boyfriends. Next, next, and next!

The other side of it is psychological, taking advantage of young impressionable naive girls. Well, I have a daughter, my concern is the irresponsible influencers enforcing the body beautiful. The immature young following and imitating, wishing to be like so and so. I warn my child never to be in their shoes or footsteps. She will make all attempts to be the best she can be in something else.

At this stage I am without children, but I entered the business at a young age. I have seen a lot, especially when beauty begins to fade with age. You look into the mirror and cannot recognise the person looking back at you. It is a mental shock, extremely traumatic. Many models i know cannot leave the surgeon’s knife. Even now, at times I feel like a calf in a meat market. Sorry you feel that way, but its all extreme narcissism, deeply in love with an imagined image of self. Get over it! You are so cold.

Ok! I hear you. Do you really believe in retail therapy? Driven relentless by social media. These vanity crazy people should curb their desires and vanities. That is what is extremely unhealthy. Its just a quick fix, a moment’s relief before the next rush. Hopefully not to get crushed or crashed in the palaces and temples of consumerism. Boo-hoo-hoo to you, dirty nasty gal.com. Hyacinth Brown.