The visible part of the teeth is called Enamel, underneath that layer is Dentin, the area not usually visible. Over time, the enamel become dull and stained.


There is a vast range of different areas in the human body to look after, in order to maintain health and vitality.

Approaching health from an holistic standpoint, the teeth are extremely important to begin the overall up-keep and strength of the whole body.

Located in the head, filled with nerves and blood vessels, the mouth and teeth is where the source of energy for the body begins.

To maintain good digestion, and to assist the body to do its work properly. When eating Islamic dietary rules instruct, food in the mouth should be chewed between 30-40 times before it is swallowed. From the stage of a child, the proper growth of the teeth requires supplies of vitamins A, D and C in the diet. These can be found in pure orange juice, and cod liver oil.

Due to poor oral hygiene, the effects of decayed teeth and unclean mouth on our general health, is of more serious consequences than we generally know.

Bad teeth can cause problems in the throat, eyes or ear, many diseases may become worse due to decaying teeth. Unhealthy conditions in the mouth, gives the breath a disagreeable odour.

The important rule for the preservation of the teeth, is to keep them totally clean at all times, and never allow food to collect or remain in or around them.

When decay begins in the teeth, its progress is rapid, unless it is stopped through proper treatment. Regular check-ups at the dentist should be made, to identify and correct and damage to your teeth. When the enamel over the teeth is damaged, broken or worn away, usually due to sugar and acid in the mouth, the bone of the tooth becomes exposed, and decay begins immediately. Food logged between the gaps in teeth cause extreme decay.

Tartar is a substance deposited around the teeth; not brushed away carefully, it irritates the margins of the gum, damage the mucous membrane, and may lead to pyorrhoea. The gums recede and the tooth appear to be elongated.

If this condition is not cleared up quickly, the tooth will become loosened, and finally fall out of its socket. Tartar should be immediately and carefully removed, it causes the gums to be inflamed, swollen, tender and ulcerated.

Today, many dentists are more aware of the relationship of the mouth, to the overall health of the human body. In some dental practice, holistic and biological dentistry is the normal rational. Utilising the use of non-toxic materials, with a focus on the impact of toxins, and being aware of hidden bacterias affecting our cumulative health. The leading private dental practice, incorporates laser technology and ozone therapy. MB&S.