H.I.M. Haile Selassie 1.

Important Utterances of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie 1. Responding To His Call For Action, In The Interest Of The African Nation.

“Africa is our Nation, and is in Spiritual and Physical bondage, because Her leaders are turning to outside forces, for solutions to African problems. When everything Africa needs are within Her. When Righteous African people come together, our world will come together. This is our Divine Destiny.” H.I.M. Haile Selassie1.


When celebrating the King of Kings Birth – even when His physical presence may be unknown. His Majestic Essence, Energy, Mind and Spirit, is very much alive and with us. His words resonates, His images and Likeness inspires. Filling us with awe, love and devotion. He is the only Light and Hope, out of the darkness in the Black world, within worlds.

When you deliver your Truth, they may not thank you for bringing Enlightenment, and could despise you for shattering their illusions. Because the majority prefer the lie not the truth, and love darkness more than Light. So, know the facts and Full-Joy the fiction, move away from the factions, with so much frictions, and the many in tractions. There is no need  to argue with anyone! Ras’Tafari Makonenn Family Devotion.

Ras Tafari MokennonCrowned King 1928225th Solomonic Lineage of King David the second.



………..“Let us set our goals too high, let us demand more of ourselves than we believe we posses’’………………….

New pages have been written into history, which will be avidly studied in generations to come. The events in the past year, whether viewed globally, or whether we look only on the African Continent, have marked it with a special stamp.

Nations and individuals alike, are often more accurately judged not only by what they accomplish, but by what they attempted. A noble failure, may be of more value, than a petty success.

Setting goals too low, and who accepts too little as enough. Squanders the talents and abilities with which Almighty God and Nature have endowed them.


Education is a means of Sharpening the Mind, both Spiritually and Intellectually. It is a two edged sword that can be used either for the progress of mankind, or for its destruction. Africa is a Continent with her own Cultures and Mores. We do not want our Legacies and Traditions to be lost. Our wish and desire is that Education Develop, Enrich and Modify.

H.I.M. Graduation Portrait.

Africa need Educated and Trained persons for Research, for the study and development of our Continent Resources, for Technology, for Medicine, for the Law, and the Administration of our people according to their Customs. These are the needs that constrain us to provide at all levels, education free of charge.

A well Organised Education should not be one which prepares students for a good remuneration alone. It should be one that help guide them, towards acquiring Clear Thinking, a Fruitful Mind, and an Elevated Spirit.

The educated person that Africa needs, is not one who has stuffed bits of knowledge into their mind. The educated individual needed, is one who use the ideas obtained from lectures, discussions, and books, to the best advantage for their own nation.

It is one who disseminates New ideas, in Harmony with the Economic and Social aspects of their own community. So that fruitful results will be realised. These are the people who can show segments of knowledge accumulated in their learning, and inventiveness in a new situation.

Addis Abba University – Graduating Student from the Africa Continent.


It gives Us great pleasure to congratulate all the students, who through their earnest efforts have overcome the various obstacles in their way, and have achieved success in their desires.

Mankind desires many things, but it is the individuals duty and responsibility to desire the proper things. Anyone who makes the wrong choices will be a burden, not only to themselves, but to future generations.

As We have mentioned over and over again, the test of what you students have obtained, through your education, will be what you are able to accomplish in the future. Great responsibilities await you. You must show the real worth of your education, by the way in which you shoulder these responsibilities. We are confident that you will bring a blessing to your countries, your families, to all those who have planned and laboured for you.

Organisation of African Unity – OAU Summit Meeting.

Our many plans for development call for skilled and well trained personnel, people from our various institutions of higher learning. Individuals who will be the pride of the nation. It is they who will perform the real service to the nation. For any plan which does not have the proper personnel to execute it, will remain a mere plan on paper.

Ministers with Portfolio in H.I.M. Haile Selassie 1 Government.

We need well qualified people who are proud of being Africans, people who are prepared to execute the plans that have already been envisioned. These are the calibre of men and women who should be produced in our universities of higher learning.

Grand- Father of Diplomacy & Chairman of the General Assembly.

It has been our constant desire and endeavour, to develop our education for the benefit of mankind. Qualified individuals with vision unmoved by daily selfish interest, will be led to right decisions by their conscience.

H.I.M. with Great Grand-Daughter- a final image – 1970s.

In general, people who knows from whence they come , and where they are going, will cooperate with his fellow human beings. They will not be satisfied with merely doing ordinary duties, but will inspire others by their good examples.

You are being watched by the nation, and you should realise that you will satisfy it, if you do good; but if, on the contrary, you do evil, it will lose its hope and its confidence in you.

Though life is short, one should live and act in such a way, that their achievements will bring them, and their country a good name, forever!

If they do not use their training for worthy ends, they will be an enemy to themselves, and an obstacle to others. They will indeed, be sick, while supposedly healthy, and dead while still alive.

Education develops the intellect, and intellect distinguishes human from other creatures. It is education that enables us to harness nature, and utilise Her resources for the well-being and improvement of life. The key for the betterment, and completeness of modern living is through education.

Inauguration of H.I.M. Statue for Ejersa Goro – Harar – Artist Projection 2014 – Danijah Tafari.

But, “mankind cannot live by bread alone.” Humans, after all, is also composed of intellect mind and soul. Therefore education in general, and higher education in particular, must aim to provide, beyond the the physical, food for intellect and soul. That education which ignores human intrinsic nature, and neglects the intellect, and reasoning power, cannot be considered true education. Editor-Berhane Tensae.