The King of Kings & High Priest Abuna


In Christian belief, a Saint is a person who is recognised for living with exceptional Morality, degrees of Holiness, in Likeness, and Closeness to God.

Without any shadow of doubt, Haile Selassie 1, has lived a virtuous heroic life. On the 21st of January 1965, He was venerated with the title ‘Defender of the Orthodox Faith.’ That deserved merit was unanimously agreed by all the Patriarchs of the global Oriental Orthodox Churches.


Dejazmatch Tafari – Governor of Harar

Abuna Selama, the Archbishop of the Harar Region, instructed the leaders of the 53 churches in his archdiocese, to begin discussions and special prayers. Asking Almighty God, to guide them, about the contributions of Emperor Haile Selassie 1 outstanding contributions, to the Ethiopian Orthodox Faith and Church.

Ato Melak Sahal, the chief administrator of the 53 churches explained. “For so many reasons, until this day, through the Canon Laws of the church, technically, Haile Selassie 1, remain the head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Faith – And the Orthodox Tewahido Church.” In anticipation, Rastafarians in Ethiopia, started pilgrimages to the Place of His birth, over 15 years ago.

We can never forget the Emperor outstanding contributions to the glory of our ancient church. Through His words of truth, voice of wisdom, and guidance. The Emperor assisted to bring the Oriental Church Leaders in a discussion summit. The event was the first in modern times, since the final one in 431 A.D.

Also in 1959, the diplomatic skills of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie 1, guided the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, away from the direct rule and governing, of the Egyptian Orthodox Synod, after the log period of 1,600 years.

St. Georges Church – Piassa, Addis Ababa.


As defender of the faith, and leader of the Orthodox Church. The Emperor, instructed Abba Mandefro later Abuna Yesehaq – to expand the faith for believers in the Western Hemisphere. Now the 6th Region of Africa.

Today, A member of the Eastern Orthodox Faith, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, is in a global congregation, without over 230 million members. It maintains the original beliefs and teachings of Iyesus Christos. Yashura – The Great Rabbi – Wise Teacher.

From the Personal Family Album.

WE IN ETHIOPIA HAVE ONE OF THE OLDEST VERSIONS OF THE BIBLE, but however old the version may be, in whatever language it might be written, the Word remains one and the same. It transcends all boundaries of empires and all conceptions of race. It is eternal.

No doubt you all remember reading in the Acts of the Apostles of how Philip baptised the Ethiopian official. He is the first Ethiopian on record to have followed Christ. From that day onwards, the Word of God has continued to grow in the hearts of Ethiopians.

And I might say for myself, from early childhood I was taught to appreciate the Bible, and my love for it increases with the passage of time. All through my troubles I have found it a cause of infinite comfort.” ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ “Who can resist an invitation so full of compassion?”

Artist depiction of a Royal House.

In Axum – Abysinia – Ethiopia, the Orthodox Faith is a Judaic-Christian tradition, practised for nearly 4 thousand years. It is an ancient unbroken order, relating to our relationship with the Creator of Human beings. “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Timket Divine Ceremony & Celebrations – Christ Baptism.

The Orthodox Church, like all institutions are governed by Canon Laws, Rules, Regulations, Patriarchs, and Abunas in highly respected offices. Organised in heirachical structures, official system, and rigid customs.


“Because of this personal experience in the goodness of the Bible, I was resolved that all my countrymen should also share its great blessing, and that by reading the Bible they should find truth for themselves. Therefore, I caused a new translation to be made from our ancient language, into the language which the old and the young understood and spoke.

Timket Celebrations – Meskel Square.

Today man sees all his hopes and aspirations crumbling before him. He is perplexed and knows not whither he is drifting. But he must realise that the Bible is his refuge, and the rallying point for all humanity. In it man will find the solution of his present difficulties, guidance for his future action, and unless he accepts with clear conscience the Bible and its great Message, he cannot hope for salvation. For my part I glory in the Bible.”

Animist – Traditional Beliefs.

In Ethiopia today, Faith, Cultural Traditions, and Religious Practices, are woven together to form the Fabric of Society. This Ancient country, contains a population of 129,000,000. People who live a life dominated by devout religious beliefs. As an estimate 40% are Christians, 40% Islamic, 10% Animist.

Teff Farm – behind Condominium Town.

Karl Marx – Sidist Kilo – opposite Addis Abba University.


The final 10% is possibly among the atheists, racists, fascists, and communists from the school of Marxism. Who teach & preach that belief in God and religion, is like opium for the masses of poor people. Their grip on the mind is like iron, set in concrete. Deeply rooted, they will not let go, peacefully.

In fact, since the departure of Haile Selassie 1 government, in 1974. The unleash of the Derg Red Terror, White Terror & Black Terror, are still in the soul, mind, and frequencies of the old guards.

Now, the ideas and reasons for a National Identity, is being eroded, lost, and destroyed. All the regional political leaders, gain a sense of secured self-identity, in their Ethnic Backgrounds and Tribal Loyalties.

After 50 years of dominance, the One Party State owns everything. They are the Guardians of the Nation. Do what we say or die! They are forever trying to implement a multi-party governing system. Failures appears to be their Success.

In a State of warfare, chaos and confusion, a One Party Governing system can only be a Dictatorship. No Democracy is there, Federation is not there, and the Republic is missing. The General Public agree and say, “what is the point of voting?”

In the new era, going beyond Socialism verses Capitalism. The New One World Political Order promotes, ‘the Rights of the Individual to Choose within the Law. In comparison with the developed world, fifty years ago China was in a similar state, as Africa under-developed. How did they do it? Their Model to progress can never work in Africa. Mass mobilisation in a cultural and social revolution. The Little Red Book – written by Chairman Moa Zedong, and published in 1964, offers a few clues. Today, hard heavy or soft power, is still power over your head! Dawit Abebe