One World – Planet Earth

One People, One World, One Government, could this thought, idea, or utopian dream ever become real?

As our intellect evolve, progressing through advancing technologies, we are realising our state of interdependency on one another. Nation to nation, country to country, individual to individual.

There must be an advanced global body or federation, containing the best of leaders from all free Nation States. Not only for the need of security, but to oversee, manage, guide, support, balance, checks for means and ways to better forms of living on the planet.

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The United Nations charter, set up after the second world world war in 1945 through 50 nation States. Was designed for the purpose of world peace and cooperation of governments.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural agenda, UNESCO – aims are to promote cooperation through the arts, culture, social developments, beneficial for all people on the Planet. The U.N. organisation is not a world government.

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From here, we can be assured there are branches of quality leaders in government, who are aware and know the routes to a much better future for the world.

Yet, the old battles of bad verses good, evil attacking virtue, hate enticing love, death confronting life, continues on every levels. Not just in the world at large, but also internally, within every individual on the planet.

Governments with their ideology steeped in history, philosophy, with inherited traditions, may take the blame for the state of the world. But in the final analysis, individual people working within systems, are the totality of all governments. Question, what creates bad governing? 


Today, above governments, elite groups of influential individuals in societies, maintain the status-quo through the control and flow of money – economics, and funds governments around the world. Working across national borders and boundaries, the small elite groups already manage the world according to their agenda, from a global perspective through economic monopoly.

People Makes the World Go-Round

These tiny elite groups, remain in the shadows and background, dictating their agenda and state of play from their capital power base. While below, governments and leaders come and go frequently, the ideologies and motivation propelling political ideals, rise and fall.   


The centuries old model for governing people, communities and countries is party politics. Far from perfect, with their differing ideologies of opposites, rich verses poor, hungry angst against overfilled bellies. Those type of governing systems are redundant, of very little use in our new realities tied into a new technological world, moving at light speed. Invisible to the naked eye.

Same People – New World Order

Moving rapidly away from the old and into a cashless, paperless world, where values of contributions to society, go much further, and is much more worthy than the accumulation of material wealth. Especially when we look closely at the World, and examine carefully the place, we all call Home. Our shared sensibilities, human similarities and experiences, testify to the facts of daily life. Poverty is a Crime against Humanity!

The essence of Politics is Power – “grip the balance of power, and do not let go by any means necessary.” This statement is the politician’s’ professional mantra. And in lamentations, the bloody deadly wars continue, somewhere, every day, people die, needlessly for the sake of political power blundering and pondering. When, will it cease, who can put a stop to all the madness of it?  Nu-Active