Hathor – Mother goddess in ancient Egypt.

The image to the right depicts the universal mother Goddess of ancient Egypt. She represents the divine feminine principle in synergy with the masculine, to maintain order, balance and harmony.

From the womb, in its own separate universe, all human life enters this world through the gates of the female gender. We were all there for nearly a year, in the waters of paradise, as one with her. 

The dominant aspects of the feminine energies, contain the refined qualities of love and relates to stability, balance and harmony. When these energies are embraced and encouraged, they lift the quality of living to higher states of consciousness.

On Mother Earth, only the human family has strayed from the sacred way of living in love and harmony. How can we heal the earth and each other? 

Venus – playing with two doves. painted by Francesco Hayez 1830. 

Minds of separation, mind of domination, the invention of weapons for mass-destruction. It is the simple idea that one is better or more important than another. Yet, we are all together in the same circle of life. Whatever you do return to you, multiplied. 

We all need to adopt a change of mind and heart, so that everyone, everywhere, can begin to initiate strategies that will preserve and sustain the higher virtues, cultures and environments that all nations share.


From the very beginning, spirituality was not related to religion. Spiritual practice was a way of life, and this way covered every aspect of daily living. God the Creator was not a supreme being. This title and name referred to cosmic nature, an order and mysterious power existing everywhere in all things.

We were told everything necessary for human life was provided. The instructions were to love one another and show respect for all beings on the earth. Our well-being depends on the wellbeing of all life.

Now in the rush towards development, the fabric of the earth is badly damaged. The atmosphere, biosphere and eco-systems of mother earth needs repair and renewal. Will you assist to save the planet, and human life as we know it. The warmongers are megalomaniacs from Mars.  Sister Wisdom – read in the Holy Bible ‘Proverbs – chapters 8 & 9.